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Motorola Solutions Venture Capital: Investing in the Future of Public Safety

Around the world, public safety agencies are under pressure: increasing urbanization, aging populations and an unpredictable climate make it more difficult to keep us safe, while ever-greater public scrutiny requires meticulous record-keeping and unprecedented transparency. In response, public safety is transforming: going beyond responding to incidents, to using technology to predict, mitigate and even prevent them from happening in the first place. Helping lead this transformation requires more than cutting-edge technology: they’ll need innovative, purpose-built solutions that deliver just the right information at just the right time. Part of the Chief Technology Office, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital invests in applications and technologies that complement and enhance our ability to keep public safety personnel safe and effective at their jobs, by letting them focus on the mission, not the technology.

"More and more, innovation requires partnerships, investments and inorganic capabilities built in. You can't innovate at 100% by yourself; it requires an ecosystem."

Eduardo Conrado
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer



Predictive Modeling
and Detection

  • Leading global provider of open architecture, video analytics software. Learn More

  • Fulfills the global need to review video, investigate and identify incidents rapidly. Learn More

  • Cleversafe's mission is to solve the challenges of storage at scale. Learn More

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™) is the leading global provider of open architecture, video analytics software.

BriefCam® fulfills the global need to review video, investigate and identify incidents rapidly, and take action as needed.

Cleversafe's mission is to solve the challenges of storage at scale. To help organizations successfully manage, access and secure data at petabyte scale and beyond.


Situational Awareness,
Collaboration and Safety

  • Our robots are specific and purpose-built. Learn More

  • Global leader in gunfire detection and location technology. Learn More

  • Delivering location and mapping indoors, underground, and in dense urban areas. Learn More

  • Developed a unique optoelectronic microphone. Learn More

We're a product company, but our products are accessible, reliable, and practical robots designed to help real world problems. We don't design general-purpose robots, hoping that some day they'll have a use. Our robots are specific and purpose-built, targeting problems that can only be solved by ingenious robotic design.

SST, Inc. is the global leader in gunfire detection and location technology providing the most trusted, scalable and reliable gunfire alert and analysis available today.

TRX is the developer of NEON®, delivering location and mapping indoors, underground, and in dense urban areas where GPS is not available or is unreliable. NEON delivers accurate 3D indoor location through the use of advanced sensor fusion, ranging, and dynamic mapping algorithms.

VocalZoom has developed a unique optoelectronic microphone able to substantially enhance a speaker's voice over any background noise. The technology creates a "virtual cube" in space, sensing sound from only within the cube. This enables highly significant speech enhancement and precise speaker isolation, which are the key elements missing today to enable mass-usage of voice-driven applications for devices such as radios and smartphones.


Evidence Gathering, Storage,
Analysis and Synthesis

  • Mobile investigation and field documentation platform. Learn More

  • Developer of natural language computer interfaces. Learn More

  • Eyefluence combines eye biomechanics.Learn More

SceneDoc is a mobile investigation and field documentation platform being used by law enforcement and public safety personnel to securely, accurately and consistently document scenes.

Speaktoit is a developer of natural language computer interfaces.

Eyefluence combines eye biomechanics, a deep understanding of the eye-brain connection, and superior technology to deliver the fastest and easiest interface ever created for head mounted displays (HMDs).
Eyefluence partners with HMD manufacturers, vertical market leaders, and others to engineer and integrate the first and only true eye-interaction technology designed to revolutionize what’s possible in AR, VR, and MR environments.



  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Mobile Intelligence Applications
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity


  • Wearables
  • Drones and Robotics
  • UI/UX Innovation
  • Location-Based Services
  • Context-Based Intelligence


  • Remote Expert Solutions
  • Workflow Management
  • Mobile Workforce Collaboration


Potential for significant strategic impact on Motorola Solutions' business and customers

Compelling, innovative technology that aligns with current industry trends

Must be able to succeed as a standalone business without Motorola Solutions investment


With more than 200 investments since our first deal in 1999, Motorola Solutions Corportate Ventures is a premier, global corporate ventures organization with an experienced, savvy team focused on clear return on investment. To our portfolio of growing companies, we provide financial support, financial and technology expertise, market leadership, customer connections and brand recognition.

Paul Steinberg

Chief Technology Officer
Schaumburg, Illinois

Reese Schroeder

Managing Director
Schaumburg, Illinois

Brad McManus

Investment Director
Silicon Valley

Gopal Rajaraman

Investment Principal
Schaumburg, Illinois

Ami Isakov

Sr. Investment Manager