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Rhodes is an open source Ruby-based framework to rapidly build native apps for all major smartphone operating systems (iPhone, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7). These are true native device applications (NOT mobile web apps) which work with synchronized local data and take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts and calendar, camera, native mapping, push, barcode, signature capture, Bluetooth and Near Field Communications (NFC).

Rhodes is the ONLY framework with: support for Model View Controller (other frameworks force you to put all business logic into the view as JavaScript), synchronized data (the price of entry for enterprise apps), support for ALL devices (Android and iPhone is not "crossplatform"), a hosted build service (RhoHub – which changes the game for mobile app development entirely) and true industrial device capabilities such as NFC. Rhodes has many other major advantages over every other framework and underlying SDK, which can be summarized as modern development goodness for mobile apps.

Install RhoStudio Go

If you don't need an IDE and have Ruby already, you can install Rhodes with: "gem install rhodes". Instructions on how to build your first app are in our Rhodes Tutorial

Open Source

Rhodes is open source under the MIT License. Most organizations building real production apps require some level of commercial grade support. For that we offer the Rhodes Enterprise License. Please contact sales for details.

Feature Comparison


  Rhodes Legacy Providers Me-Too Frameworks
Framework Features
Supports ALL major smartphones Yes No No
Model View Controller Yes No No
App Language Standard Proprietary Standard
App Store Accepts Yes No Yes
Barcode/Signature Capture/Bluetooth Yes Yes No
HTML 5 Support Yes No Yes
Hosted Offering Yes No No
Offline Data Sychronization
Basic Sync Yes Yes No
Metadata Layer Yes No No
Uses Native Push APIs Yes No No
Hosted SaaS Option Yes No No
Development Environment OS Support
Windows Yes Yes Yes (no iPhone)
Mac Yes Yes Yes
Linux Yes No Yes (no iPhone)



If you have Ruby installed you can install the latest version of Rhodes with:

gem install rhodes

The Rhodes tutorial has step by step instructions on installing Rhodes and building an app.


An easy way to try both Rhodes and RhoSync is to sign up for a free RhoHub account.

Download and Install

Given that you have Ruby installed, you can install Rhodes for free as simply: “gem install rhodes”. Full instructions on how to install and build your first app are in our tutorial. All Rhodes source is available realtime on GitHub.