Fleet Management


Features and Benefits

Monitor vehicle location and behavior to increase safety and gain visibility
  • Gain real-time visibility into driver and vehicle performance to know where your drivers are located, at what speed they are driving and driving patterns.
  • Identify excess idling, accurately schedule load pickups, and deploy the most appropriate truck to the closest customer.
  • Reduce damaged inventory, increase the safety of your drivers and decrease insurance costs.

Meet compliance mandates and manage labor with accurate reporting and tracking.
  • Track employee hours, avoid costly billing mistakes, and validate compliance with directives and mandates with automated reporting, time sheets and invoices.

Enhance customer experience by empowering your drivers with mobility
  • Enable your drivers take on-the-spot transactions, instantly correct any mistake and place correction orders, and enable customers to track their shipments online.
  • Ensure shipments are delivered on time by optimizing routes, communicating with drivers in real time, and keeping track of last-minute changes.

Easily repair and maintain your fleets with automated processes and record-keeping
  • Use vehicle-performance data — made available by simply reading the truck's bar code or RFID tag — to plan maintenance activities.
  • Minimize downtime and give technicians immediate access to information about maintenance history, parts availability and repair instructions.
  • Request on-the-spot service by placing a phone call from the device's intgrated 3.5G cell phone or push-to-talk (PTT) function.
  • Eliminate errors and record inspection data in a fraction of the time it takes to document these procedures with paper processes.
  • Immediately report vehicle defects in the body, engine or under the hood, by sending an alert to the central database through a WLAN connection.
  • Allow drivers to easily document proof of a vehicle's condition during the inspection process with a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus color camera.

Motorola Fleet Management Solutions can help you in all areas of your transportation operations including:
  • Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Driver and Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Productivity
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Load Management
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Regulatory Compliance