ASTRO 25 Voice and Data Communications


Features and Benefits

For more that 65 years Motorola has been a leading provider of inter-operable communications for public safety and first responders. The ASTRO® 25 network provides enhanced features and benefits.

Immediate and assured voice - the ASTRO 25 network design provides rapid response when the push to talk is activated. Superior call processing means that an officer's call get's through.

IP flexibility and dependability - allowing both voice and data over a common IP based network providing optimal mission critical message delivery.

System flexibility - Multiple system configurations available to meet the needs of agencies whether they are small communities to statewide systems.

Standards based - Meets the project 25 standard for interoperability giving you a framework to maximize technology longevity.

Interoperability - Ability to communicate seamlessly with other agencies and jurisdictions that have Project 25 compliant systems.

Seamless mobility - across multiple integrated data, HPD and Mesh networks using the Multi-net Mobility router.

End-to-end encryption - allow you to protect critical information with encrypted communications.

Network security - built in to the ASTRO®  25 network is robust network security features to protect your system for attacks.

Proven success - Motorola has more installed project 25 networks world wide with public safety agencies. This proven success can provide you the confidence you need that Motorola can meet your needs.