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Portfolio of Companies

Motorola Solutions Venture Capital


Motorola Solutions Venture Capital focuses on companies that have a strong portfolio aligned with current industry trends. We invest across every Motorola Solutions business unit, with an emphasis on video, enterprise mobility, location technologies, data analytics, radio frequency identification (RFID), sensor technology and cloud-based platform.

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Our Portfolio

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™) is a provider of open architecture, video analytics software deployed in a variety of security, safety and business intelligence applications worldwide. Solutions offered extend from real-time video analysis and alerts to forensic search and post-event analysis.


AirClic Inc. is a Web-based software and mobile information services company that extends the reach of an enterprise by providing a simple, cost-effective means for a mobile or remote workforce to capture and communicate important information.


Apprion is dedicated to providing industrial facilities with the most reliable and secure wireless networks, devices, applications, and services. Apprion's ION System is an open, standards-based wireless infrastructure that lets you better manage your operations with reliability, security and scalability — to drive performance and lower operational costs.

B2M Solutions

B2M Solutions enables customers to improve mission critical processes by collecting relevant data on mobile device deployment and utilization to make informed business decisions. B2M helps customers improve performance and ROI by analyzing mobile processes and determining areas for improvement.


BriefCam’s mission is to enable rapid review of recorded surveillance video that will allow the end user to quickly locate and investigate any event.


ByteLight is revolutionizing indoor location.ByteLight’s market-leading software solution leverages lighting infrastructure within retail outlets and large venues to deliver unprecedented indoor location accuracy and responsiveness.

Canvas Solutions

Canvas is a platform that allows businesses to build and find cross-platform mobile data collection applications.


Cleversafe storage solutions are ideally suited for storage clouds and massive digital archives. Their platform is ideal for storing mission critical data because it addresses the core principles of information security – confidentiality, integrity, and availability – through its information dispersal architecture.

MicroPower Technologies

MicroPower Technologies has developed an innovative video security system which completely eliminates the need for wires for both power and data.


MobilEye N.V.® is a pioneer in the development of vision systems for intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


The Profitect software solution uses pattern analytics to identify revenue reducing activities, and integrated task management provides timely, detailed, and guided actions to resolve the issue. Improvements to the top and bottom line are continuously measured, ensuring sustainability across the business.

Recon Instruments

Recon Instruments developed a Heads-Up Display (HUD) communication platform that makes relevant information available to users with a simple glance at a non-obtrusive, near-eye display connected to their glasses. Recon’s ruggedized technology is worn by athletes, and while they have initially targeted the consumer vertical, their solution is applicable to MSI’s law enforcement and first responder market


Retailigence aggregates Brands' and Retailers' location-based inventory data and makes it available to power local product search on mobile and web apps, services and advertising as well as other channels.


Revionics is a leading provider of End-to-End Merchandise Solutions, including shopper-centric assortments, micro and macro space allocation, pricing, promotions and markdowns. Revionics solutions improve retailer sales, profits, and customer loyalty through sophisticated consumer-demand intelligence and proprietary retail-pricing science.


ScanBuy develops 2D barcode solutions and the associated campaign manager backend. The solution enables 1D and 2D barcodes to take a mobile phone user to an “actionable or informational website”. From an enterprise perspective, ScanBuy takes barcode technology currently limited to warehouse and retail workers and puts it in the hands of consumers.


Speaktoit is a technology company developing human-computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations.


Sportsvision, Inc., delivers a heightened sports viewing experience across all forms of media.


SST delivers the world’s most powerful, most scalable and most trusted gunshot detection solutions to local, state and federal agencies, governments and businesses all over the world.

TRX Systems

TRX Systems develops products that deliver precise, infrastructure-free location and tracking for personnel in areas where GPS is not reliable or is unavailable.


Vidsys is a leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions and operations software that provides truly collaborative situational awareness for safety, security, military, and transportation organizations.

Visage Mobile

Visage Mobile, Inc. has developed a SaaS based platform that simplifies enterprise mobility management by helping organizations gain visibility and control over their full inventory of smart phones, cell phones, tablets and other workforce mobility solutions — and the people who use them.