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Frequently Asked Questions

 Where can I find parts for my antique Motorola product?
Places that carry parts for antique products are listed on the Internet. Have your model number ready. For home radios or televisions it may also help to know the Motorola chassis number (a number beginning with TS or HS). You can find this number on the inside workings of many vintage Motorola consumer products.

 Where can I find the model number of my antique Motorola product?
The model number usually may be found on the back or just inside the back of the unit.

 Where can I find support for my Motorola mobile phone?
Contact Motorola Mobility, Inc. service for help with your cell phone.

 How do I contact Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives?
If your questions have not been answered in this FAQ, please email Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives at: history@motorolasolutions.com. Or write to:

Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives (IL05)
1295 East Algonquin Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60196

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