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October 23, 2017

Motorola Solutions Redefining Public Safety Radio and Broadband Communications


New mission-critical software-based solutions for first responders using LMR and broadband networks being showcased at police chiefs conference

CHICAGO – Oct. 23, 2017 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) is introducing new integrated software-based communication solutions built specifically for the needs of police and first responders. From the field to the command center, these technologies combine the power of Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ASTRO® 25 land-mobile radio (LMR) systems and public safety broadband.

“Motorola Solutions’ LMR systems are built with multiple layers of resiliency and are trusted by first responders day-to-day and during disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, when instant communication is essential to help people in life-and-death situations,” said Bruce Brda, executive vice president, Product & Solutions, Motorola Solutions. “We are introducing new solutions and future concepts that use ASTRO 25 for mission-critical voice communications and public safety broadband to share data for actionable intelligence. Together, these technologies provide a powerful combination of solutions to help improve the safety of first responders and the people they protect.”

Motorola Solutions will showcase this technology Oct. 23-24 in booth #3037 at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 2017, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.


Responder Alert: Automated LMR and broadband notifications when a situation turns critical

When every second counts, police officers need to keep their eyes up and hands free for fast response in any situation. With Motorola Solutions Responder Alert, a series of actions and notifications are automated to keep officers focused on the mission at hand.

Motorola Solutions teamed up with providers of public safety equipment to integrate Responder Alert into products police officers use every day. For example, when an officer pulls his gun out of his holster, Responder Alert will immediately notify command and can automatically turn on the officer’s Motorola Solutions Si500 body-worn camera to begin recording events. Working with Safariland, a leading provider of holsters to law enforcement, helps ensure that Responder Alert technology is fully integrated into an agency’s operations from day one, without the need to retrofit or test new holsters.

Using sensors from Yardarm Technologies integrated in the officer’s weapon, Responder Alert can detect if a gun is fired and immediately notify command. This not only helps maximize officer safety, it can also be critical in establishing a timeline of events for the post-incident investigation.

Alerts are communicated automatically on an ASTRO 25 LMR system using Motorola Solutions APXTM two-way radios or on broadband networks when using Motorola Solutions LTE devices such as the LEX F10, certified for FirstNet. The FirstNet network will be a U.S. nationwide, interoperable broadband network dedicated to first responders when they need it. Working with AT&T, Motorola Solutions is helping deliver the broadband devices and solutions that public safety needs. 

Using Motorola Solutions' CommandCentral Inform software for aggregated location-based data, agency commanders see events on their computer screens as they populate a timeline that includes real-time location information.

CommunityConnect: Mobile application for non-emergency community engagement

Motorola Solutions will be showcasing enhanced community engagement capabilities designed to streamline calls for service, improve crime intelligence and help agencies stay better connected with their residents.

A new mobile app, CommunityConnect, is the next evolution of engagement tools used by citizens to send non-emergency incident reports and easily track their status. They can also anonymously report all types of crimes and submit multimedia evidence such as videos and pictures.  Additionally, public safety agencies can broadcast alerts to keep residents informed of emergency situations in the local area and proactively share local crime data on a map enabled by CrimeReports. 

All data captured through CommunityConnect can be easily stored using CommandCentral Vault evidence management for historical reference.


Future Incident Command: Holographic mixed-reality concept demo

Motorola Solutions is showcasing a future incident command concept demonstration that uses mixed reality for a multi-dimensional view of events as they unfold for a SWAT team. An augmented-reality headset will provide a birds-eye view into the role of an incident commander who is coordinating a tactical response away from the incident.

Drones at the scene provide videos and a holistic view of buildings. A holographic 3-D model can be viewed from any direction, similar to a physical object located on a table right in front of the commander. The location of first responders and other people at the scene is quickly seen on live diagrams and via video feeds.

In this demonstration, first responders communicate using a dedicated LMR system and real-time data is shared through a secure broadband network. Commanders see events as they unfold. They have the situational awareness needed to make the right decisions that can be quickly communicated with first responders in the field.

PSX App Suite: Mass alert notification concept demo

Motorola Solutions PSX App Suite operates seamlessly with both LMR and broadband networks, and provides a streamlined experience to help officers stay focused on the environment around them. It is an ecosystem of interoperable applications built for the needs of first responders and includes push-to-talk (PTT), messaging and mapping apps.

Demonstrating the flexible nature of PSX apps, Motorola Solutions will show a new concept demo that integrates BlueLine Grid’s mass notification alert technology for crisis communications between people and organizations. It provides simplified communications during major incidents, eliminating the need to manually contact command staff and responders one-by-one. Large-scale emergency teams can be formed instantly for fast incident response.

BlueLine Grid is a Motorola Solutions Venture Capital company.


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