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August 20, 2012

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LTE Broadband and Mission-Critical Devices Help First Responders Turn Information into Intelligence

MINNEAPOLIS (APCO, Motorola Solutions, Booth #1213) Aug. 20, 2012 Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) continues to lead the development of Public Safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, devices, applications and services with live public safety networks around the globe, helping government officials and first responders build safer cities and thriving communities with the latest broadband tools.



  • With an 84-year history of providing advanced mission-critical communications, Motorola paved the way in LTE innovations by demonstrating the first public safety application over a live 700 MHz LTE connection in 2008. Since then, Motorola continues to push the boundaries with Public Safety LTE technology with a series of industry firsts, including: July 2012: First PTCRB approval achieved for the VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem and the UM1000 LTE USB Modem. This certification by the Type Certification Review Board for wireless devices is required for any devices intended for the FirstNet national public safety broadband network.
  • May 2012: First use of a Public Safety LTE network at the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago. The Motorola-designed and -managed 700 MHz Public Safety LTE network carried real-time video feeds from mobile and fixed units to the video operations center.
  • Feb. 2012: First LTE broadband handheld for public safety, the LEX 700.
  • Nov. 2011: First commercially available, ship-ready Public Safety LTE solution.
  • July 2011: First U.S. statewide LTE award from the Mississippi Wireless Communication Commission.
  • Nov. 2010: First Public Safety LTE device receiving live broadband video.
  • Aug. 2010: First demonstration of Public Safety LTE prioritization and control.
  • July 2010: First LTE customer, BayWEB, a Public Safety LTE broadband network for the San Francisco Bay Area.


These firsts tell only part of the expanding story of Motorola’s global Public Safety LTE leadership. Motorola also provides a strong voice in the Public Safety LTE discussion, advocating for customers and their unique requirements for prioritization, management and control of networks that first responders will use to help ensure public safety around the world.



  • At APCO 2012, Motorola is introducing the MW810 Mobile Workstation R2.0, which now offers LTE connectivity.
  • The Motorola LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld is the world’s first handheld Public Safety LTE device. It offers first responders a virtual partner, helping them monitor the environment, gather information and be more aware. With a compact, rugged form factor and quick-response interface, the LEX 700 is designed to provide first and secondary responders unprecedented access to intuitive multimedia applications that increase situational awareness, enhance tactical collaboration and enable greater in-field productivity.
  • The growing ecosystem of accessories for the LEX 700 includes a new public safety vehicle cradle, rack-mountable multi-device chargers and multi-battery chargers, a public safety-grade holster and more. Motorola also continues to work with independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide new applications for the LEX 700.
  • Motorola was selected to build the first public safety 700 MHz LTE interoperable broadband networks for the San Francisco Bay Area (BayWEB); state of Mississippi; Harris County, Texas; Irving, Texas; and Fort Worth, Texas, and several Motorola Public Safety LTE broadband network trials and demonstrations are planned or underway around the world, including Hong Kong and the Brazilian Army. At APCO, Motorola is showcasing a live network demonstration on a 700 MHz LTE connection.
  • The first commercial release of a Public Safety LTE network was marked by Motorola on Nov. 11, 2011. Motorola’s standards-compliant Public Safety LTE core and site equipment provide performance management and control necessary for mission-critical broadband operations. The end-to-end LTE solution includes devices, applications, networks and services.
  • Motorola’s Public Safety LTE solution supports a host of public safety applications such as integrated command center and other computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solutions, real-time video streaming, tactical collaboration, dynamic mapping and routing, and in-field reporting, as well as push-to-talk and voice telephony.
  • Motorola is leading the way with LTE services packages that can be customized for any public safety agency, from planning and integration, device and lifecycle management to support and hosting. Motorola Public Safety LTE lifecycle services include hosted LTE cloud core solutions, applications integration and hosting, as well as mission-critical operations centers and emergency response teams experienced in keeping mission-critical communications online.
  • Motorola is also establishing cooperative partnerships with leading commercial carriers, such as Verizon Wireless in the United States, to accelerate broadband coverage globally.





Darren McQueen, corporate vice president, Private Broadband and iDEN®, Motorola Solutions
“Motorola Solutions is proud to be leading the way with Public Safety LTE solutions and services that are helping our customers build safer cities and thriving communities. With this leadership comes responsibility, and Motorola is ready to deliver on its global role of helping public safety understand and prepare for the next generation of public safety communications. The world is watching the latest LTE developments, and we are excited to offer LTE solutions to help enhance the safety of first responders and the people they serve.”


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