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August 21, 2012

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Cleveland Police Are Seeing and Believing with Motorola Solutions’ Advanced Video Surveillance

MINNEAPOLIS (APCO, Motorola Solutions, Booth #1213) – Aug. 21, 2012 Helping to save lives, improving officer safety and increasing effectiveness are just a few of the reasons the city of Cleveland turned to Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) to upgrade its security. Video surveillance is transforming the way first responders react to an emergency situation and helping keep cities safe. The Cleveland Shared Security Surveillance (CS3) program is a public-private partnership that allows security cameras to stream real-time information back to a police command vehicle, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and, as the program expands, to a dispatch center.

Cleveland’s project started in 2007 with a small wireless build and has evolved into a phased-in system that includes command vehicles, wireless cameras, incident correlation, wireless broadband integration, managed video services and more. Working with Motorola’s integrated services experts, Cleveland officials are expanding their video system to act as a crime deterrent. The forensic evidence gathered from the system has already helped Cleveland police solve crimes.

An International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) study has shown that 93 percent of officer misconduct charges are overturned by video evidence, and other research shows a majority of defendants plead out when their activities are captured on video. Motorola’s advanced video solutions allow first responders to view real-time, 24/7 visuals of their communities. They are given immediate access to view commercial districts, neighborhoods, high-risk areas, crowded public events, dangerous intersections, public transit vehicles and municipal buildings when they’re not physically on the scene. Live, mobile video streaming from the scene back to the command center or eventually to hand-held devices – such as Motorola’s LEX 700 Mission Critical Handheld – enhances coordination of efforts from all officers and response teams.


  • Funding from the Department of Homeland Security and other federal organizations has allowed the CS3 program to support 25 city-owned cameras and dozens of other cameras owned by local organizations, businesses and other public safety agencies.
  • Cleveland’s cameras can tilt, pan and zoom in on a particular area to follow the activities of an ongoing situation or help predict a dangerous situation before it happens.
  • Motorola’s video system allows an emergency responder in distress to press an emergency button on his or her radio that triggers an alarm at the dispatch center. The system then identifies neighboring cameras and directs them to the responder’s coordinates.
  • Motorola’s deep domain expertise in public safety allows for a community’s video solution to grow from specifically selected areas where video is a proven deterrent to “safe corridor” implementations for broader city-wide coverage.


Martin Flask, public safety director, city of Cleveland
“The Cleveland community has benefitted directly from our work with Motorola Solutions. The video solutions project creates a sense of awareness and a feeling of safety, especially in the high-traffic areas such as our downtown business district and sporting arenas. “

Michael McGrath, police chief, city of Cleveland
“One of the most important aspects of the video solution project has been the preventative component. Individuals know the cameras are there, and that can prevent crime and tragedies from occurring. I don’t want to catch the person who stole the purse…I want to prevent the purse from being stolen in the first place.”

Bruce Brda, vice president of Global Solutions and Services, Motorola Solutions
“Video solutions are transforming how public safety workers respond to a critical situation without compromising their safety and effectiveness. The city of Cleveland has been a perfect example of how we can work with our customers to create a vision for the ultimate goal they are looking to accomplish.”


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