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April 15, 2019

City Sees 40 Percent Reduction in Crime With Motorola Solutions Command Center Software


Four years ago, Springfield, Massachusetts, decided to invest in technology for first responders to increase safety for its nearly 150,000 residents. The city had several goals. The first was to easily analyze surveillance footage, a time-consuming process for crime analysts. It wanted to update its analog emergency communications system and be ready for the opening of a new resort casino in August 2018. As the third-largest city in the state, Springfield was committed to maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere as it continues to grow.

Watch Video: Motorola Solutions Command Center Software for Springfield Police

The solution was to implement a Real-Time Analysis Center (R-TAC) with Motorola Solutions’ command center software to create a cutting-edge crime analysis unit. Springfield implemented Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware software with Briefcam, which allows for quick analysis of public and private video with search functions that identify specific descriptors. For example, if analysts are looking for a red car that fled the scene of an incident, the software will help them easily identify red cars on the road.

CommandCentral Aware is connected to the police department’s computer aided-dispatch (CAD) and records management systems, enabling crime analysts to coordinate response by confirming the exact location of first responders and providing them with critical information, such as footage from local cameras.

The city has already seen a 40 percent decline in its crime rate since implementing the R-TAC. The software allows crime analysts to provide more accurate information when coordinating a response to critical situations.

“The use of CommandCentral Aware has allowed us to make smarter, faster decisions in incident response,” said Bill Schwarz, crime analysis director at Springfield’s R-TAC. “We can now equip our first responders with real-time information to help them prepare for whatever situation they face.”

Recently, local police shared on Facebook an incident that was supported by the R-TAC:

“On June 26, 2018, Springfield police officers made an arrest and recovered a stolen van Tuesday afternoon. A Springfield police sgt. was informed by a resident that a van reported stolen last week was near an intersection. The Real-Time Analysis Center (R-TAC) assisted in locating the van, which was occupied. Crime analysts could see that another car was attempting to ‘jump start’ the van at this time. When officers arrived, the driver attempted to take off on foot. The officers were quickly able to take the driver into custody. R-TAC’s assistance in finding this van quickly was essential as the driver was able to successfully start the van just before officers arrived.”

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