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Robust, open standards solution for large areas of coverage and interoperability, which includes voice, video, data, applications and services using DMR II / III technology and broadband networks.

Maintain constant communication and alerts for safer workers and operations

MOTOTRBO™ DGM8000e/5000e optimize communications with drivers anywhere.

Mobile radios for the utilities vehicles.

Extend your communications with integrated voice and data systems according to your needs

Capacity Max

Multi-site system for the sector that need a large amount of users and great coverage.

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IP Site Connect

Multi-site system for the sectors that need a mid-size amount of users and coverage.

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Capacity Plus

Single-site or multi-site system for utilities sector that need a expandable solution.

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MOTOTRBO™ Ion. Your intelligent device for utilities.

LMR, LTE/4G, 3G and Wi-Fi all in one

Expand your voice and data communications and connectivity anywhere. Ideal for data collection in extreme conditions.

Predictive solutions with IIoT and AI

Predict possible failures in real time, monitor slopes or machines, get emergency alarms, control autonomous trucks.

Built for any environment

Rugged screen, dust-tight, immersion in water (IP68), drop resistant and UL TIA-4950.


Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE PTX a service that has no boundaries.

WAVE PTX a push to talk (PTT)

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Video security and analytics for safer operations

ACC - Avigilon Control Center

Improves the way security professionals manage and interact with high definition video.

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ACS - Avigilon Cloud Services

It connects your ACC sites to the cloud allowing remote access to your system from anywhere, from a browser or mobile application.

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Radio Alert

Radio Alert an integrated technology ecosystem that takes advantage of advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics and integrates it with radios.

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H5A Camera line

The video analytics technology help focus your attention on critical events, providing a smarter and powerful video security solution from set it up.

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H5A Rugged PTZ

The Avigilon H5A Rugged Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) performs continuously and reliably in the harshest environments and is built to last for
mission-critical applications.

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Self-Learning Video Analytics

Extends the effectiveness of your security personnel by providing effective monitoring and enabling proactive, real-time response from your team.

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NVR - Network Video Recorders

Higher capacity, retention and performance network video recorders to provide secure, reliable and scalable platforms.

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Analog Video Encoder

Analog video encoder with audio support, converts the analog video signal into digital to transmit over an
IP network.

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Avigilon Solutions for Utilities

Exceptional video coverage across large areas and intuitive video management software help increase safety and protection.

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Collect, analyze and share information in real time from the utilities plant, with the Integrated
Operation and Management Center.

Applications Suite

Premium integrated full-featured dispatch control.

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Applications Suite

Comprehensive control room solution of any size or complexity.

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Connected Safety Solution

Integration of a gas detector system and communications infrastructure.

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Avtec Scout Select
Dispatch Console

Your command centre maximum value for a minimal investment.

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