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Frontline safety today and tomorrow with MXM600 mission-critical TETRA mobile radio

The MXM600 takes on the challenges of the front line, keeping your teams safe while they deal with the safety of others. It has been designed to provide reliable in-vehicle TETRA coverage for voice and data communications, as well as extend the coverage of TETRA portable radios via its gateway and repeater capability.



Wi-Fi Over-the-Air Updates and Programming


Bluetooth® 5.2

AI-trained noise suppression

AI-trained noise suppression

Automated configuration

Automated configuration to ease installation

Compatible with MTM5000 series audio accessories

Compatible with MTM5000 series audio accessories



Future-proof through collaboration

Future-proof through collaboration

Flexible installation and configuration options

Flexible installation and configuration options


Mission-Critical TETRA mobile radio

The rugged, secure and easy to use MXM600 provides reliable in-vehicle TETRA coverage for voice and data communications and helps extend the coverage of TETRA portable radio via its gateway and repeater capability.

Clarity of voice communication is critical to get vital messages across. Noise reduction technology, trained through AI machine-learning, is integrated in the MXM600 to suppress background noise and improve clarity of calls – so users can hear and be heard, even in noisy conditions.

Designed for low total cost of ownership

MXM600 helps reduce your total cost of ownership. Expensive and time-consuming radio management chores are streamlined with Wi-Fi Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP). Your radios can be updated as soon as they are in range of pre-configured Wi-Fi.

We designed the MXM600 to be easy to install and automated some of the configuration work needed when setting up a mobile radio. You can also reuse your MTM5000 series audio accessories.

Flexible configuration

The MXM600 is available in dash / desk, remote control head and motorcycle-mount formats and RJ50 Ethernet style connections enable up to 40 metre separation between the transceiver and a remote control head. With the Dual Remote transceiver model, remote control heads can be up to 80 metres from each other.

Whether you are looking to install the radio in a car, fire engine, van, ambulance, train, boat or on a motorcycle – there are installation options for you.

Future-proof through collaboration

The radio offers features to take advantage of today, such as secure Bluetooth 5.2 and the M-Radio Control app, as well as features for tomorrow, such as High Definition (HD) voice hardware. These features help protect your investment and ease any adoption of 4G and 5G mobile broadband – allowing you to continue to communicate using the same radios.

Experience MXM600 audio

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology was used to train the MXM600 to help with noise suppression.
Hear transmitted audio across a number of different scenarios and compare the difference between a standard radio and the MXM600 that has AI-trained noise suppression (AI-NS) technology.

Wind noise, road noise, siren on - compare the difference in noise suppression.

Experience AI-trained noise suppression

Standing by the loud water pump on a fire truck. Hear how the radios cope with the noise.

Experience AI-trained noise suppression

Compare noise suppression handling wind, water and engine noise

Experience AI-trained noise suppression


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Product Information

MXM600 Brochure

MXM600 Brochure

Overview of the MXM600 Mission-Critical mobile TETRA radio.

MXM600 highlights video

Watch this video to see some of the key features of the MXM600 TETRA mobile radio.

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