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MVX400 - MVX702 RoIP Gateway

MVX400 - MVX702 RoIP Gateway

Performs the audio link between different radio communication networks Via ip (roip), allowing radio communication held on a network to be sent and received between two radio networks ( unicast ) or between some radio networks (multicast).


MoniVox RoIP gateway application runs on MoniVox Smart Device (MVX400) and perform audio link between different two way radio networks via IP (RoIP). The communication performed in a radio communication network is sent and received between two points (unicast), or between various points (multicast).

This solution is a simple alternative and low cost that allows connecting remote locations without the need to use repeaters or complex infrastructure.

Radios in each network can operate in digital or analog mode, system allows as well cross band between UHF and VHF radios.

• Communication between different radio communication networks.

• Does not require repeaters to make the link between networks via IP.

• It reduces deployment costs for major operating areas or shadow areas, allowing the replacement of the repeater in some cases.

• Allows you to create networks of hybrid radios, enabling integrate:

- The networks of analog with digital radios.

- The networks of VHF with UHF radios.

In each “PEER” MVX400

• Motorola MOTOTRBOTM base radio (operating in digital or analog mode).

• 01 (one) MoniVox Smart Device (MVX400) with MoniVox RoIP Application installed (MVX702).

• 01 (one) base station radio in each radio network (connected to MVX400).

• 01 (one) ethernet point (static or dynamic).