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Public Safety is Transforming

Today: React and Respond.

Starting now: Predict. Prevent. Make sure nothing happens, so that everything else can.

Every day, you work to keep the public safe. Watching the streets. Responding to incidents. Protecting the community from the unpleasant, and the unthinkable.

It’s getting more difficult. Weather is always unpredictable, but major storms are becoming more frequent. Technology advances – and criminals quickly put it to use. Data is becoming critical – and vulnerable, ubiquitous – and overwhelming. Public expectations and public scrutiny continue to increase, while budgets do not.

At Motorola, we get it. For over 85 years, we’ve built cutting-edge technology designed around the needs of public safety. As your needs change, we are changing with you.

We are building on Mission Critical Communications to bring you Mission Critical Intelligence, helping you avert, respond to and resolve incidents.

Mission Critical Communications Over Radio Networks.

The voice and data traffic carried by your P25 or TETRA radio networks are the very definition of “mission critical”:  the right information at the right time can literally save lives. They will interoperate with private, public or shared broadband wireless networks to bring a rich stream of valuable, actionable information directly to personnel in the field. Public Safety LTE technology developed specifically for public safety will ensure that the right people get the bandwidth they need – when they need it the most.

Your Radio is a Lifeline that Connects You to Colleagues.

You count on your radio. You need it to be advised of danger, to summon help or to get an update from your team. Now, we can help you do much more: contact team members on another network – or in another country; log evidence directly at the scene or get suspect photos and video right at the point of engagement. All on secure, rugged devices, purpose-built for public safety.

Data Turns Into Information.

You already collect large amounts of data: records, dispatch, sensor readings, GPS, audio, video and more. With a variety of formats, storage needs, access privileges and legal requirements, just managing this data is challenging enough; processing and putting it to use can be even more difficult. Yet we can help you do more. We are investing in technology that will quickly process large amounts of data and not only help you respond to an incident, but also help you prevent one.

You run your critical communications on Motorola equipment.

The vital nature of voice and data communications makes systems that deliver those communications particularly critical. Maintaining these systems requires skilled personnel, and as technology rapidly advances, necessary upgrades become more frequent. That’s why we offer a variety of operating models: from fully customer-owned and managed, to totally cloud-based and everywhere in between. So you can predict your technology costs years in advance, while ensuring you always have the latest technology, up-to-date security and top-notch service. 

We innovate to help you be your best, in the moments that matter.

Controls that can be used while wearing fire gloves. A display you can read with night-vision goggles. A 9-1-1 call center solution that requires nothing but a browser. Tracking responders inside a building, in three dimensions. Device user interfaces smart enough to deliver only the right information, at exactly the right moment. For over 85 years, we’ve worked alongside you – on patrol, at the incident scene, in the command center – to build the technology you need. Today more than ever, we are dedicated to finding and building the right solutions to help you keep our communities safe and thriving.

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