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December 26, 2013

The Next Generation Policing – Connected Police Officer (Part I of III)

Regardless of the situation, first responders are always in a race against time - whether responding to incidents or on routine patrol. Instant access to the right information, at the right time and in a way that doesn’t distract or delay is vital to police officers’ ability to achieve safer, faster outcomes.

Motorola Solutions’ design approach is based on extensive, hands-on interaction with our public safety customers, driven by the shared goal of delivering best-in-class, safe solutions that enhance the ability of tactical resources to respond. It’s a single, unified approach that uses resources more effectively, allowing citizens to be more secure and communities more prosperous. By being fully immersed in all details of police response behavior, we are able to better understand how first responders communicate while on the street.


  • By integrating exceptional voice immersive data applications and robust security into intuitive, street-ready devices, we are helping ensure dispatchers know exactly what to do and responders know exactly what to expect.
  • Motorola engineers, product designers and researchers accompany police officers in patrol cars or when walking their beat on the street. Our study of their work aids shape new products and solutions, along with innovative interfaces to help make their jobs safer and more efficient.
  • Instant, inter-operable voice communications allow first responders to share knowledge and collaborate across agencies and jurisdictions. This also brings better situational awareness with real-time video from fixed and mobile cameras streaming to first responders on the street.

Learn more about Motorola’s Connected Police Officer and be sure to follow the latest public safety news from Motorola Solutions on Twitter and Facebook.

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