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December 17, 2013

See the Real-Time Crime Center from Motorola Solutions in Action

As 90 percent of police departments plan to increase their use of predictive policing over the next five years, the Real-Time Crime Center from Motorola Solutions is setting the foundation for agencies to operationalize proactive policing strategies. The Real-Time Crime Center solution takes inputs from multiple data sources such as video, sensors, alarms, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records and integrates them with data analytics and mission-critical radio networks to deliver one, unified operational view.

A new video from Motorola shows how the Real-Time Crime Center solution uses a unified interface to allow a badged officer or analyst to identify and distribute relevant information to first responders before a crime occurs, during an active incident or in support of an investigation.



  • Motorola’s Real-Time Intelligence Console delivers a first-of-its-kind configurable console view which integrates multiple disparate systems into a unified operational public safety-driven workflow in the Real-Time Crime Center.
  • Direct communications with first responders is established by connecting to a Motorola P25 voice system through an integrated dispatch console, such Motorola’s MCC 7100 IP Dispatch Console, to share relevant information quickly over a voice channel.
  • Multiple video feeds can be integrated on one screen, allowing operators to take a snapshot of relevant information and share it with responding officers in real-time.
  • An agency can use its existing mapping tool to plot an incident and locate relevant information such as sensors, alarms, cameras or deployed resources to enhance situational awareness.


Learn more about Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center and click here to see the latest video demonstration of the solution. Follow the latest public safety news from Motorola Solutions on Twitter and Facebook.

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