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March 19, 2013

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“Safer Cities, Thriving Communities”

March 18, 2013, Beijing – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today announced that it will participate into the “2013 Chongqing Public Safety Products and Technology Exhibition” from March 19th to 21st at Chongqing Exhibition Center, and it is located at Booth A10. The company will showcase the next generation of public safety solutions from Motorola Solutions, aimed at Safer Cities, Thriving Communities”. It will introduce the three main principles of the next-generation solutions, namely “Proceed with Intelligence”, “Manage the Complexity” and “Connect with the City”, from the perspective of information processing, IT management, and command and control. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical innovative technologies can help governments to improve their urban emergency response and management capabilities.

Since the Chinese government proposed the “Safer Cities” concept in 2004, building an urban emergency response system (i.e. the Government Radio Network) has been a priority of the urbanization agenda. As an important city in Southwest China, the Chongqing government is also actively building an emergency response system, in order to enhance its ability to respond to emergency situations and process issues efficiently.

Key Facts:

  • An urban emergency response system is not only an important guarantee of the government’s ability to respond to crises; it is a basic condition for the construction of a safe, livable city. Public safety users around the world view the core TETRA technology that supports these systems as an important open benchmark technology to ensure public safety now and in the future.

  • Since it first entered the Chinese market, Motorola Solutions has spared no effort in introducing its powerful TETRA technology into the Chinese public safety field. TETRA’s efficient data processing functionality and innate safety capabilities enable public safety organizations to leverage the communications platform to respond to emergency situations in an efficient, timely manner.

  • In order to help people deepen understanding of the advanced technology and broad applications of this next generation of public safety solutions, at the exhibition Motorola Solutions will demonstrate a full spectrum of applications within the emergency response system, covering the command and dispatch center, mobile police officers, wireless video surveillance and emergency communications:

1. Command and dispatch center: Transforming your response
– TETRA plays an important role in computer-aided government emergency response centers, including command and dispatch, automatic infrastructure operation, staff positioning, 110 calls, investigation reports, system-level on-the-ground recording, terminal monitoring, voice traffic statistics and analysis.
– Key devices include: Dispatch consoles, TETRA handheld radios and in-vehicle consoles, TETRA-II (TEDS) base stations and exchange control centers.

2. Mobile police: Always prepared for the next second
– Ensures smooth communication between police and firefighters. Furthermore, ensures police officers can deal with issues quickly and efficiently in emergency situations that require the support of a mobile command vehicle and enables them to process documents and video anytime, anywhere.
– Key devices include: TETRA-II (TEDS) mobile radio, enterprise-class tablet PCs for mobile police, mobile law enforcement terminals and wireless access points.

3. Emergency communications: A safer response
– Ensures smooth communications for rescue personnel so that they can perform their allocated tasks at the site of the emergency.
– Key devices include: Water resistant two-way radios, in-vehicle consoles, digital two-way terminals, relay stations and communications equipment for mobile rescue personnel.

4. Wireless video surveillance: Eliminating blind spot
– A combat support platform based on an integrated network, ensuring that police officers can safely and efficiently capture, save and share data.
– Key devices include: Broadband WLAN architecture, fixed and mobile video surveillance equipment, applications and wireless networks.

  • At the exhibition, Motorola Solutions staff will give a simple demonstration of the four solutions described above, in order to visually explain the “Being Ready for What’s Next” concept. To give an example, once the 110 command and dispatch center receives a report of an emergency situation within the city, the public security department can inform and share information with the relevant rescue departments via the government radio network. The command and dispatch center’s monitors display the location of fire engines, police forces and ambulance personnel based on the GPS positioning information provided by the emergency response system. On-duty police officers are able to establish a first cordon in a timely fashion and the command and dispatch center can broadcast information to traffic police in the surrounding area so that they can establish a periphery cordon.

  • Throughout the emergency response process all front-line personnel, including fire fighters, police, traffic police, and search and rescue teams, rely on the emergency response system to provide real-time information and effective on-site coordination, in order to smoothly complete the rescue mission.

Supporting Quotes:
Michael Jiang, China President & Country Manager, Motorola Solutions (China) Co., Ltd.
“As the leading global provider of mission-critical communications solutions, Motorola Solutions has continued to innovate in order to meet the needs of its users for high ROI, mature, reliable technology, and flexible expansion. We are actively working to develop the next generation of public safety solutions and leading the industry growth. We are honored to take part in the Chongqing Public Safety Products and Technology Exhibition and proud to demonstrate our state-of-the-art communications technologies for users in Southwest China and contribute to the construction of public safety facilities in Chongqing and China’s western region, and ultimately build a safe, harmonious Chongqing.”

You are welcomed to visit Motorola Solutions at the exhibition


March 19, 09:30-March 21, 14:00


Chongqing Exhibition Center



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