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August 13, 2021

Powhatan County Leading in Public Safety Communications Innovation among Rural 911 Centers County’s modernization initiative enables it to provide next generation 911 services to citizens

This is a third-party news release from Powhatan County, Virginia.

Powhatan, VA -- August 13, 2021 -- Powhatan County today announced a number of next-generation 911 (NG911) enhancements to their 911 Center (known as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)), which will enable dispatchers to better assist those in need of help. The Powhatan County PSAP is the first Motorola Solutions customer in North America to integrate a program called ASAP-to-PSAP (ASAPⓇ), which increases the accuracy and efficiency of notifications from alarm companies. It is also the first Motorola Solutions customer in the Commonwealth of Virginia to integrate its Spillman FlexⓇ CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system into APCO IntelliComm™ software, a solution that provides structured questions, answers and processes to dispatchers managing 9-1-1 calls.

“We asked to be a beta implementation for these technologies, so that we could keep our officers and communities safe, and to prove that even small 911 centers in rural communities like ours can effectively deploy Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) technologies,” said Tom Nolan, director, public safety communications for Department of Emergency Communications-911. “Powhatan County is rural and our contract with Motorola Solutions is not a multi-million dollar deployment. Not all vendors stand by their commitments, especially when working on new CAD software programs. Motorola Solutions made the effort and had dedicated staff to make these interfaces work and work well.” 

CAD systems enable emergency dispatch operators to initiate calls for service and dispatch first responders, as well as maintain real-time incident status information and alerts. By integrating ASAP as well as APCO IntelliComm into Spillman Flex CAD, the Powhatan County PSAP has reduced its call processing times and improved its overall performance in dispatching police, fire and emergency medical services to the community.  

“It was an honor to work with Powhatan County on the ASAP and APCO IntelliComm integrations into Spillman Flex CAD, and we applaud their innovation and leadership in public safety communications, especially among rural communities,” said Jeremiah Nelson, vice president, Command Center Software, Motorola Solutions. “They have successfully provided their community with best in class capabilities. They are a model for all agencies seeking to provide their citizens with exceptional public safety communications.” 

About Powhatan County Public Safety Communications

The Powhatan County Department of Public Safety Communications serves a population of 29,000 and annually receives over 9,000 E-9-1-1 calls for service and handles 60,000 total calls. Our goal is to provide quality service to our visitors and citizens by being the vital link to Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. It is the first of the first responders and the lifeline between our community and emergency services personnel. Learn more at

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