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August 19, 2013

Powerful Technology Leads to Proactive Policing, Increased Safety with Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center Solution

ANAHEIM, Calif. (APCO, Motorola Solutions Booth #1309) Aug. 19, 2013 – Motorola Solutions’ (NYSE: MSI) Real-Time Crime Center solution is giving public safety officials instant access to the right information – video, voice and data – to proactively respond and solve crimes quickly. Adding a new key element to the solution, Motorola is announcing the Real-Time Intelligence Console, which provides public safety with a first-of-its-kind configurable console view that integrates multiple disparate systems into a unified operational workflow.

The workflows displayed by the Real-Time Intelligence Console allow an officer or analyst operating in the Real-Time Crime Center to identify and distribute relevant information to first responders before a crime occurs, during an active incident response, or in support of an investigation. The Real-Time Intelligence Console’s integrated radio console and video streaming system enable direct voice communications with officers in the field and real-time video streaming to a vehicle or handheld device over existing carrier or private wireless networks.

The Real-Time Crime Center solution integrates inputs from multiple sources such as video surveillance systems, alarm and sensor systems, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), two-way radio voice systems and databases and records systems to harness data and help direct deployment of resources. Third-party applications such as ShotSpotter® and others can also be integrated to proactively identify incidents immediately as they occur to stop a crime in action, helping to keep citizens and first responders safer.



  • The Real-Time Intelligence Console provides agencies with a cost-efficient implementation strategy by utilizing a flexible and modular multimedia platform and configurable user interface so that capabilities can be built and expanded over time.
  • Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution utilizes the Real-Time Intelligence Console to aggregate existing technologies into a single integrated view:
    • Integrate multiple video feeds on one screen and select the most relevant video for improved incident management. Take a snapshot of relevant information and share with responding officers in real time.
    • Use the agency’s existing mapping tool to plot an incident and relevant information such as sensors, alarms, cameras or deployed resources to enhance situational awareness.
    • Direct communications with first responders is established by connecting to a Motorola P25 voice system through an integrated MCC 7100 IP Dispatch Console to share relevant information quickly over a voice channel.
    • Interface with an agency’s existing CAD platform and pull relevant information stored in CAD such as dispatcher notes, person, place or asset information and snapshots to enhance decision-making.
    • Access relevant event information from sensors placed in the community such as Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) or gunshot detection.
    • Share and receive relevant information such as video clips, photos, text files with field responders, dispatch and other personnel over a secure messaging service.
  • Motorola’s expert integration services team helps customize the Real-Time Crime Center solution for each agency’s unique local, state and national data sources and applications.
  • Motorola’s professional services help guide departments through Real-Time Crime Center visioning, training and needs assessments. Design and planning also will ensure that departments are well prepared for the organizational transformation ahead and can demonstrate measurable improvements to their communities.



David Thomas, solutions vice president, Motorola Global Solutions and Services
“Police departments have access to so much data and information, but making it actionable in real time is a challenge. The Real-Time Intelligence Console is the cornerstone of the Motorola Real-Time Crime Center solution bringing together multiple sources of information into a single operational view that can equip responding officers with better information for improved decision-making and incident response.”


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