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November 19, 2012

Next Generation Motorola Solutions’ Consumer Walkie-Talkies Provide Ideal Way to Stay in Touch When Out and About

BASINGSTOKE, UK – Nov. 19, 2012 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) is launching an entirely new generation of TLKR family unlicensed walkie-talkies. There are five new models, offering users a choice of radio for any leisure activity – from family days out and shopping trips to holidays and extreme sports.

With walkie-talkies, calls are transmitted immediately at the push of a button and there are no subscriptions or call charges to pay. All TLKR radios meet PMR446 regulations, meaning they can be owned and operated by anyone, license-free within the European Union, and are ready to use out of the box.

The T40 radio is easy to use, ideal for keeping in touch with the family when out shopping or at the beach. It has a range of up to 4km, can broadcast on eight channels and includes an LCD display for channel and battery level information at a glance.

The T50 and T60 radios have been designed to help users enjoy the great outdoors. The radios’ 6km and 8km ranges and rechargeable battery packs make them great for day trips or holiday hikes. Their simple design makes them usable by any amateur adventurer, while their eight channels and 121 secrecy codes help keep calls private and reduce the likelihood of interference from other radio users.

The T80 and the weather-proof T80Extreme, are must-haves for serious adventurers. These radios are more rugged and provide a greater range of up to 10km, perfect for mountain bikers, snowboarders and climbers. Extreme sports enthusiasts and serious adventurers can feel safer knowing they can stay connected on the piste, in the forest or exploring the urban jungle!

The radios are available from online retailers and high street stores now.


· Available now, all the new TLKR radios include eight channel broadcasting and scan/monitor functionality to help ensure messages get through and include a belt clip for easy hands-free carrying.
· The T40 is powered by standard AAA alkaline batteries, which are available in every high street store.
· The T50, T60, T80 and T80Extreme radios add 121 secrecy codes for improved performance and are supplied with rechargeable batteries.
· The T40’s range covers up to 4km, the T50 covers up to 6km and the T60 extends range up to 8km. The T80 and T80Extreme radios provide the longest range, up to 10km.
· For hassle-free communications on the go, the T60, T80 and T80Extreme radios support hands-free mode so users can make voice-activated calls using a compatible headset.
· The T50 and T60 radios include five ring tones and the T80 and T80Extreme models include 10 ring tones so users can tell which group is contacting them.
· The T80 is splash proof for extreme sports situations and contains an LED torch, for the ultimate adventurer.
· The T80Extreme is weather proof for extra protection and comes with a handy protective carry case, which includes the radios, chargers, carrying straps and earpieces.

What’s in the Box?
· T40 package includes two radios with belt clips, at a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) including VAT for £29.99.
· T50 package adds rechargeable battery packs, plus plug-in charger, at a recommended retail price including VAT for £44.99.
· T60 (RRP including VAT £54.99) and T80 (RRP including VAT £84.99) packages add a drop-in twin charger pod.
· T80Extreme package adds two radio carry straps, two earpieces and a tough carry case, at a RRP including VAT for £99.99.

Tim Clark, product director for radio products, Motorola Solutions, EMEA
“The latest generation of Motorola Solutions’ TLKR radios help consumers stay in touch while enjoying the outdoors. The greater variety that the range provides means there is a TLKR radio that is perfect for any scenario. With the T80 and T80Extreme, we are providing adventurers with our toughest, most powerful TLKR radios.”


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