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October 23, 2014

New Public Safety Experience from Motorola Solutions Gives First Responders the Right Information at Their Fingertips

Orlando, Fla. (IACP, Motorola Solutions, Booth #2201) – Oct. 23, 2014 – According to the Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE:MSI) 2014 Public Safety Survey, 70-percent of first responders say successful data transmissions can be as important as receiving voice communications. Motorola Solutions' new Public Safety Experience (PSX) uses a dedicated mission-critical user interface, real-time context management and a suite of applications to help deliver the right data to a user’s device at the right time, based on the individual’s status and activity.

The Public Safety Experience allows personnel to monitor multiple data feeds that adapt to the high-stress situations often faced by first responders. It reacts to the current situation and officer status to enable rapid access to vital information without distracting from the mission. The home screen presents relevant data from the most used applications such as mapping, messaging and search engines. The activity screen reveals key information during events such as traffics stops or emergencies. The overlay screen is designed for quick, anywhere access to core applications such as WAVE™ Work Group Communications for broadband push-to-talk, covert mode, emergency activation, phone and contact list.


  • The Public Safety Experience allows agencies to configure and customize the PSX user interface based on their agencies’ workflow and operating procedures, helping to provide a uniform and safer experience.
  • The PSX user interface presents the data on a device in a concise way that allows first responders to multitask, while still maintaining situational awareness. On patrol, a user’s location is shared and potential threats and available resources are highlighted for maximum awareness. When an officer is dispatched, it highlights incident information and the best route to the scene to help improve response time. On the scene, customized workflows appear on the screen so a first responder knows exactly what procedures to follow. Information such as date, time and location automatically appear in the report to help enhance safety, efficiency and accuracy.
  • PSX incorporates context management that keeps track of users across Project 25, LTE and other networks, maintaining user attributes such as identity, credentials, priority, presence, location, group membership and environmental context. These attri­butes are securely managed and shared with data applications used by the agency to improve awareness and collaboration across all users.
  • PSX applications deliver mission critical data in the form of push-to-talk voice, query responses, mapping, incident details, field reports and real-time video streaming. Broadband push-to-talk also is available for instant group communications. These applications help agencies deter crime and connect with citizens. By automating manual processes, they help reduce error rates and the time to process misdemeanors.
  • The first Motorola Solutions device to feature the PSX user interface is the new LEX L10 Mission-Critical LTE handheld, which also is being launched at IACP.


Paul Steinberg, chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions
“Motorola Solutions’ Public Safety Experience uses innovative software to deliver mission-critical data that users need on their devices, whether they are in the office, responding to an incident or in an emergency. The PSX user interface streamlines data to help officers arrive on the scene quicker and better prepared. The instant a situation changes from routine to life threatening; it adapts to the officer’s needs, enabling focus on the threat rather than the technology.”


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