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August 4, 2014

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New Orleans Relies on Motorola Solutions, Microsoft Next-Generation Emergency Technology

With more than one-million emergency calls coming in each year, the Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) in Louisiana wanted a way to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies by improving the flow of information between citizens, multiple agencies and first responders. In the past, the district’s challenges included a growing number of landline calls followed by a transition to cellular communication. By the time Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, OPCD had implemented a state-of-the art system for locating wireless callers but rebuilding after the devastating hurricane and flooding caused even more challenges.

OPCD implemented Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne™ Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and NG9-1-1 integrated call control system with Microsoft technology including embedded versions of Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server. The system went live in November 2013 and integrates 9-1-1 telecommunications and applications from police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) departments in a central console. It also automatically routes incident reports and continuously pushes updates to EMS mobile device terminals (MDT) and tablets and police MDT’s. As a result, first responders can act faster and make better, safer choices. Workflow has also improved for dispatchers and field personnel while OPCD has gained a flexible platform that easily integrates with new applications and data sources. OPCD is currently working with Motorola to integrate text messages within CAD and is exploring options for working with video feeds as well as the statewide radio system, which is also provided by Motorola and uses Microsoft technology.

By seamlessly connecting applications and automating the flow of information, OPCD has transformed operations and improved safety for first responders and citizens. In addition to reducing response times, the solution has improved efficiency for dispatchers and other staff who can see current information from EMS, fire and police departments on a single screen.

Click to read a blog on the Orleans Parish Communications District titled “Fit for the Future—Prepared for the Present” from Motorola Solutions’ Dan Sawicki



  • Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) is the emergency call administration center for New Orleans, a city with approximately 370,000 citizens and host to millions of visitors each year. OPCD handles more than 1 million emergency calls annually, routing requests to police, fire, and EMS personnel in the field.
  • PremierOne CAD is a next-generation solution that helps improve response times and resource allocation with effective incident management and access to real-time information for single or multi-agency operations.

Karl Fasold, system administrator, Orleans Parish Communication District
“With a CAD system based on Motorola Solutions and Microsoft technology, we’ve eliminated information silos and ensured that the right dispatcher and responder immediately receive the information needed.”

Stephen Gordon, executive director, Orleans Parish Communication District
“It took 20 years to get from the first landline 9-1-1 calls to handling wireless 9-1-1 calls. In the eight years since Hurricane Katrina, we have texting, videoconferencing and social media — and people expect to use all of those technologies to access 9-1-1.”

Tom Guthrie, vice president, Smart Public Safety Solutions, Motorola Solutions

“The Motorola Solutions PremierOne CAD and NG9-1-1 integrated call control system helps the OPCD meet their needs both today and into the future. The solution is built to connect disparate public safety agencies for improved decision making, and is also scalable to add new technologies without having to overhaul the existing systems.”


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