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August 7, 2014

MOTOTRBO™ Series Significantly Improves Wireless Communications for the Media Industry

Aug. 6, 2014, Beijing - Motorola Solutions (NYSC: MSI) today announced that China Central Television (CCTV), the predominant stelevision broadcasters in mainland China, has selected and deployed its MOTOTRBOTM series, including MOTOTRBO XiR P8260/8668 portable two-way radios, MOTOTRBO DR3000 repeaters, temple transducer and 3 wire surveillance kit. As a classic wireless communication portfolio from Motorola Solutions, the MOTOTRBO series was first used in the live broadcast of the 2014 Qinghai Lake Tour, an annual professional bicycle race held in Qinghai province, China. MOTOTRBO equipment will further help CCTV produce other programs and broadcast major sporting events in the future. With the analog-to-digital transition underway in various industries, CCTV's move to deploy digital radios also marks a big step forward towards completely digitalizing radios within the media industry.

In recent years, the contents of programs in radio and television broadcasting have become more and more diverse across China. In particular, more documentaries and reality shows are now made, and the live broadcasting demands for big conferences and sporting events, such as marathon races, are increasing, but the complex environment and mobility operations set higher requirements on instant messaging for on-site video teams. The exceptional audio clarity and effective communication made possible by digital technologies have been widely recognized among commercial users in the media industry. Therefore, to bring immersive audio and visual experience to its audience, CCTV introduced a great number of digital radios and related devices for the first time to achieve efficient collaboration in frequent cross-team communication among field personnel.

The 2014 Qinghai Lake Tour is one of Asia’s top international bicycle races, held at the highest altitude in the world. With a total race distance of 3,591 kilometers, participants need to overcome mountainous areas in southern and eastern Gansu province. The wide coverage, complex geographical conditions, and changing weather along the racing track pose great challenges to the live broadcasting work. To overcome the difficulties, the shooting team must work together closely and flexibly allocate available resources during the live broadcast. In order to ensure effective communications across different teams, the MOTOTRBO DR3000 repeater was attached to a helicopter, functioning as a mobile tower to create a stable communications environment for shooting personnel. The combined use of the MOTOTRBO XiR P8260/8668 portable two-way radios, temple transducer and 3 wire surveillance kit also helped maintain high-quality communications, even as the bicycles sped ahead in the noisy outdoors. These devices further captured spontaneous under a stable communication signals so that home audiences could relive the audiovisual experience.

The MOTOTRBO digital communications system has won the trust of commercial users across industries since it was launched by Motorola Solutions in 2007. The MOTOTRBO products currently deployed by CCTV include:

  • The MOTOTRBO XiR P8260 portable two-way radio with displays that support both analog and digital modes. Features include enhanced performance, higher spectrum efficiency and integrated data transmission to improve audio quality in communication. Its sturdy, durable, dustproof and windproof design easily meet the requirements of CCTV’s outdoor operations.
  • The MOTOTRBO XiR P8668 portable two-way radio provides an embedded Bluetooth audio and data function as well as an integrated GPS function, which can allow shooting personnel to easily locate mobile work teams. The radio delivers first-class audio effects by using Intelligent Audio function and uses the Customizable Voice Broadcast function to bring unrivaled voice and data communications experience to commercial users.
  • The MOTOTRBO DR3000 repeater supports both analog and digital modes and is very suitable for commercial users in China. Both analog and digital radios can be interconnected under DR3000 network coverage, the repeater’s interconnecting IP base stations function playing an important role during the live broadcast of the 2014 Qinghai Lake Tour. It helped extend coverage of overall communications system to all locations required.
  • The temple transducer applies to concealed operations and provides a noise reduction suite, while the 3 wire surveillance kit can convert voice signals into vibration and pressure signals in work environments full of machine noise. Appropriate headsets shield ambient noise so that the proper and desired audio quality can be obtained during outdoor shooing operations.

Hu Zhongxue, Head of Wireless Communications Systems at CCTV, says, "Audience have set higher standards for the quality of live programs. Advanced technologies and devices were undoubtedly indispensable in overcoming tough geographical conditions to successfully live broadcast the 2014 Qinghai Lake Tour. With the help of Motorola Solutions’ digital radios, we enjoyed clear, instantaneous audio communications and facilitated close coordination between the different shooting teams. For that reason, we will use these radios to produce more TV programs in the future."

Michael Jiang, Chairman and President of Motorola Solutions (China), says, "We are honored to team up with CCTV for the live broadcast of the 2014 Qinghai Lake Tour. The analog-to-digital transition is underway in China, and we see that more and more Chinese commercial users in various industries have found value in digital radios. Motorola Solutions has always been committed to driving the all-digital process in the wireless communications market to satisfy customer needs at anytime and anywhere. In the future, we will continue to follow a localization development strategy by developing global, leading digital wireless communication technologies aimed at local demands."

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