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March 10, 2014

Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center Solution Helps Retailers Work with Public Safety to Stay Ahead of Crime

Every year, retailers lose more than $30 billion to organized retail crime (ORC). In fact, 93.5% of retailers surveyed in 2013 have been victims of organized retail crime in the past year, according to the National Retail Federation. ORC is not the typical small-time shoplifter. On the low end, these thefts can originate with teen mobs that enter a store, create a disturbance, and then exit with stolen merchandise. On the high end, they can be highly sophisticated organized retail gangs that steal millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise and sell it online or fence it. Motorola Solutions Inc. is using its expertise in public safety to assist the Cook County Regional Organized Crime (CCROC) task force in ongoing efforts to combat organized retail crime. CCROC is a task force of law enforcement and retail partners formed by the State’s Attorney’s Office in 2010 to battle the escalating crimes of organized retail theft and fencing in the Chicago metropolitan area.



  • Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution integrates multiple sources of data with real-time analytics to deliver one operational view. This allows loss prevention specialists, bank investigators and law enforcement officers to approach an incident armed with greater situational awareness, more proactive responses and smarter, safer decisions.
  • With the introduction of Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution, retailers can now partner with other retail chains and local, state and national law enforcement agencies to help fight against organized retail theft.
  • With the Real-Time Crime Center solution, loss prevention organizations have the ability to expediently capture and provide field officers and investigators with instant, comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime. Analysts can obtain substantial information on suspects, including pictures, addresses and other identifiers to provide quicker apprehension, arrest and prevention of other crimes by these offenders.


This new video from Motorola Solutions captures the activities of the Cook County Regional Organized Crime (CCROC) Task Force and how Motorola’s Real-Time Crime Center solution could be used to help fight retail crime.

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