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July 19, 2011

Language: ZH

Motorola Solutions Wins Bid for Urban Emergency Linkage TETRA Digital Trunking Project in Nanning, China

Singapore, July 19, 2011—— Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) recently announced that it has won a contract to provide the emergency linkage TETRA Digital Trunking System to China’s Nanning Government Radio Network (GRN) with an 800MHz TETRA Digital Trunking Communication System. This system offers the most advanced technology, with off-site redundant hot backup (automatic, uninterrupted switchover).

Following similar deals with Hong Kong, Chengdu and Shanghai, the latest win once again shows Motorola Solutions’ TETRA Digital Trunking Communication System has become widely accepted as an industry-leading solution in China’s emergency linkage and GRN fields. The first phase of the project will be put into operation within 2011. The system will be integrated with the linkage center’s computer-assisted scheduling system (CAD) and provide reliable, smooth command scheduling communications for urban management, pubic security and emergency handling in Nanning.

Key Facts:

  • MHz TETRA Digital Trunking Communication System adopts a full IP technology platform and is entirely designed in accordance with the requirements for emergency linkage and public security emergency command. In addition to traditional voice command communication services, the system also possesses powerful data functions, including 28.8 kbps mobile broadband packet data transmission and 500 words long SMS, etc. Based on mobile data functions, Motorola will provide the linkage center with GPS policeman and vehicle positioning (refreshing GPS positioning every 2 seconds), resources and attendance management, WAP mobile data queries, and WAP PUSH emergency information releases (such as arrest warrants and investigation assistance request notices, with mixed picture and text formats). This will mark a major improvement of wireless command communications at the linkage center.
  • system can be seamlessly connected with the Motorola analogue trunking system at Nanning’s emergency linkage, thus ensuring stable linkage and smooth upgrading. Meanwhile, it can also form a fully transparent interconnection with Guangxi Public Security’s existing Motorola Dimetra IP 350M digital trunking system and meet overall emergency linkage demands.
  • As a leading supplier of wireless communication equipment, Motorola Solutions has rich experience in GRN building, having withstood the tests of major tasks, including relief work following the Wenchuan earthquake and security measures at the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo. Since 2001, Motorola Solutions has provided its superior GRN solutions to the China market, starting with the Nanning local, which teamed up with Motorola to build China’s first emergency linkage system. The system was a significant undertaking for China’s emergency management and public emergency rescue fields, and its establishment was a profound success.
  • In its current project, Motorola Solutions and the Nanning Emergency Linkage Center will be working together – a move which highlights the Nanning municipal government’s recognition of Motorola Solutions’ TETRA Digital Trunking Communication System solutions and services. It also showcases Motorola Solutions’ continuation of its impressive track record in the emergency communications field.
  • The TETRA Digital Trunking Communication System, as a new high-tech wireless communication system, has found growing applications for its services in urban GRN buildings throughout China. It can serve as an important communication tool for government departments to improve their abilities to cope with natural disasters, emergency events, and urban risks, while also guaranteeing sustainable economic development.
  • MHz analogue trunking wireless communication technology-based urban emergency linkage system. Subsequently, it has provided TETRA Digital Trunking Communication Systems, terminals, and services to GRNs in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou. Adopting full IP technology, the TETRA Digital Cluster Wireless Communication System offers flexible scalability, high reliability and adaptability to various harsh environments, while also supporting rich business applications. In addition, it can provide flexible customization and second-time development functions. In response to the special demand for command scheduling communications in GRNs, Motorola Solutions has developed specific designs for system reliability, real time capabilities, flexibility and concentrated call volume processing to provide fast, flexible and comprehensive services to GRN users. Motorola Solutions’ local TETRA technology R&D center, service assurance centers, and parts warehouses across China can ensure that customers are provided with service support guarantees and emergency system recovery capabilities.

Supporting Quotes:

Nanning Emergency Linkage Center
“We are very pleased to cooperate with Motorola Solutions again. By Using Motorola Solutions' advanced TETRA digital trunking communications equipment and professional engineering services, we strive to create a world-leading digital wireless communications dispatching network and enhance Nanning’s emergency response communications to a new level. ”

Chew Hock Siong, General Manager, Motorola Solutions’ Government and Public Security Division“We are very honored to see that Nanning choose Motorola Solutions’ TETRA digital trunking communications solution again. Our emergency linkage wireless communication system has become a basic element of urban modernization and a major means of improving urban management. Motorola Solutions boasts world-leading technologies and products, as well as extensive practical experience in emergency linkage wireless communication systems. We are eager to make our contributions to urban modernization in China.”

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