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January 7, 2012

Language: ZH

Motorola Solutions Unveils Newly Upgraded “Global Innovation & Solution Center”

Beijing, Jan. 6, 2012 Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) recently upgraded its “Global Innovation & Solution Center” in Beijing, which highlights its comprehensive services, solutions and R&D capabilities. The center aims to showcase to Chinese customers Motorola Solutions’ various advanced technologies, unique applications and a rich product portfolio in the fields of public safety, government and transportation, retail, supply chain and healthcare, and the tailored solutions to meet customers’ needs.

First established in Beijing in August 2010, the center has been upgraded after Motorola Solutions started a new journey in early 2011. The center will showcase Motorola Solutions’ integrated solutions and innovation capabilities targeted to serve several important industries. Apart from Beijing, similar Global Innovation & Solution Centers are also located in Schaumburg, Ill. in the United States; Singapore; Basingstoke in the United Kingdom; and Melbourne in Australia. The upgrading of the Beijing center demonstrates Motorola Solutions’ strong commitment to the Chinese market.

The center showcases Motorola Solutions’ innovative strength, and also serves as a “living space” for partners and ISVs and helps them to incubate, test and verify interoperability and functional performance of their customized software applications in order to better meet customer needs.

The center is divided across six key sections, each simulating the scenarios of different vertical markets to illustrate how Motorola Solutions’ technologies and innovation can address operational efficiency, effectiveness, optimizing resource utilization and clear business results. These include:


· Government & Transportation: Motorola Solutions leverages its intelligent communications systems and mobile computing technologies to help the transportation sector to improve transportation efficiency and safety. As the global leader in the government and transportation emergency communications field, Motorola Solutions’ TETRA system can ensure smooth communication at critical moments, guarantee public safety and improve operational efficiency. The center shows how Motorola Solutions helps to enhance transportation and passenger experience.

· Public Safety & Events: TETRA-based E-government networks and urban emergency communications networks are designed to ensure public safety and the smooth staging of major events. Motorola Solutions’ world-leading two-way radio can also ensure key communications. At the center, visitors can see how Motorola Solutions gathers the critical resources on integrated sites and achieve sharing through convergence of voice, image, data and video communications. Its Command and Control Center can help the public safety departments and major event organizers to make critical decisions and enable people to do their best at the moments that matter.

· Retail: Motorola Solutions has introduced rich solution portfolios for mobile computing and data capture to help retailers position and track goods and offer access to information anywhere, anytime. The center helps visitors to see how they can provide information access to retail associates so as to improve shopping experience and revenues by leveraging the advanced scanning, mobile computing and self-shopping solutions.

· Supply Chain and Internet of Things: Motorola Solutions’ businesses include accurate information capture (data, voice, and images), efficient mobile computing as well as secured, reliable and intelligent wireless networks. These technologies are essential parts of the global Internet of Things and can help to visualize the cross-industry supply chain management. The “Global Innovation & Solution Center” shows how Motorola Solutions has leveraged its advanced data capture, RFID and mobile computing technologies to help thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises to build end-to-end mobile business platforms and achieve fully visualized supply chains so as to increase operational efficiencies, raise service quality, reduce human cost and achieve product lifecycle management.

In addition to helping build and optimize supply chain management, Motorola Solutions’ core Internet of Things technologies can also provide real-time monitoring and achieve perpetual stock, intelligent inventory and asset management to enterprises. As a global leader in enterprise mobility technologies, Motorola Solutions is also committed to helping China become a world leader in Internet of Things in the trend.

· Healthcare: Integrated with mobile computing, real-time communications, data capture and other important functions, Motorola Solutions’ mobile healthcare solutions can help healthcare institutions to strengthen their management of patients, drugs, equipment and E-record, optimize personnel scheduling and improve healthcare mobility. The healthcare solution section at the “Global Innovation & Solution Center” shows how Motorola Solutions helps the healthcare industry to improve the service and patient experience, ensure healthcare information security, increase operational efficiency and workforce productivity, and optimize IT operations.

· Natural Energy/Resources: Leveraging the advanced IS (Intrinsically Safe)-approved mobile computing devices and specialized wireless communication devices, Motorola Solutions can help Natural Resources Management optimize production, excavation and transportation safety. This also helps to keep field workers and sites safe and secure.

The key applications and advanced solutions at the “Global Innovation & Solution Center” display the latest designs and innovations at Motorola’s Chief Technology Office. These include internationally advanced technological contributions, practical application case research in collaboration with customers, and equipment concepts for investment in key public safety technologies and applications/solutions jointly incubated with partners. The upgraded “Global Innovation & Solution Center” will serve as Motorola Solutions’ important technology platform in China, serving Chinese customers and partners with advanced technologies, bringing more advanced products and solutions into the Chinese market and helping various industries to upgrade and transform.


Michael Jiang, China President of Motorola Solutions:
“Our new innovation and solutions center in Beijing embodies Motorola Solutions’ high attention and long-term commitment to China. The center also commits to promote value-added applications and partner ecosystem by facilitating a first-hand understanding of the business and deliver mobility solutions to add user benefits. China has tremendous potential in terms of market prospects and also in innovative research and development. As a global leader in mission-critical communications solutions and services, Motorola Solutions not only has a long history of innovation but also continues to focus our resources to lead the development of future technologies.”

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