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September 15, 2012

Motorola Solutions provides view to the future through Minerals and Energy LTE demonstration

PERTH, Australia – Sept. 14, 2012 – Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) is showcasing the future of Minerals and Energy sector communications through a live demonstration of Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband networks at its purpose-built site in Western Australia.

LTE for the Minerals and Energy industries will enable users to collect information and securely distribute it across easy-to-manage networks and mission-critical devices. Interoperability between mission-critical broadband, digital radio networks and Motorola Solutions’ existing suite of outdoor wireless networks allows information to flow through seamlessly throughout the Minerals and Energy organisation.

Key Points:

· Interactive LTE demonstration shows how Minerals and Energy can achieve new standards of intelligence and performance.

· Re-enactments of operational events and activities, next-generation devices and applications and vehicle with full LTE connectivity on display.

· Secure, private networks are essential to meet the needs of Minerals and Energy today and in the future.

· Key stakeholders from the Minerals and Energy sector, government and consultants will participate in the demonstration.

· Guests will see simulated industry incidents and experience the difference that video in the field and next generation communications can have in increasing productivity and performance. They will also trial next-generation devices designed for LTE and have the unique chance to see a vehicle enabled with specific LTE technology and full connectivity.

· LTE applications on show include; TAC – a collaborative tool enabling first responders to share and augment maps and other content, and and Real-Time Video Intelligence, which delivers real-time streaming video and remote control of cameras and other resources.

· When combined with Motorola Solutions’ existing suite of outdoor wireless networks for the Minerals and Energy sectors, LTE can be used to deliver greater capacity and to harness a wider range of applications - from vehicle telemetry, safety and surveillance, to assisted and fully automated machinery control in mines, depots, and ports worldwide.

· Our MeshConnex™ technology delivers more robust connectivity in challenging environments where large moving equipment, changing terrain, and atmospheric factors would otherwise compromise the network.

Key Benefits of Minerals and Energy LTE

· Remote monitoring and asset management: With the increasing use of autonomous trucks on mine sites, LTE networks enable miners to remotely monitor and track their assets. Using video streaming and powerful applications like OneForce™, mine sites can pinpoint the exact location of their trucks. This enables companies to protect their assets in preparation for onsite events such as blasting.

· Prioritisation and control: The Minerals and Energy sectors have unique requirements. These include the need to dynamically prioritise network users and control bandwidth in emergency situations to keep workers safe. At these times, site management can control access to the network, pre-empting individuals and user groups. This also allows them to draw down network performance reports in real-time rather than waiting for a third-party operator to produce them.

· Resilience: Private LTE networks provide oil, gas and mining sites with reliability they can depend on for mission-critical operations.

· Capacity: With greater capacity, sites can get the most urgent data through first time, every time. This is essential for sending and receiving higher volume data including video, helping ensure essential information is turned into intelligence that reaches the people who need it.

· Coverage: A dedicated mobile broadband LTE network can be built according to the specific needs of Minerals and Energy companies, ensuring they have access to the network when and where they need it most.

· Interoperability: Allowing multiple sites to work collaboratively with other service providers including rail and ports. This can be applied to the mining transportation process to help minimise transfer down time through greater visibility and to enable a smooth transition of tonnage.

Minerals and Energy LTE needs capacity and dedicated networks

Supporting Quote(s):

General Manager Strategic Accounts, Motorola Solutions Australia and New Zealand, Neale Joseph, explains “In emergency situations, mine sites need access to large data files and video to tap into remote resources and check on the safety of their workers and operations. A dedicated, private network gives sites the capacity to run large data applications like video streaming, while working in unison with their digital radio and mesh networks.

“Here in Australia we’re taking the important first step in the LTE journey for Minerals and Energy. “At Motorola Solutions, we also see great potential for the wider application of mobile broadband LTE, with public safety agencies and other sectors benefiting from operational efficiencies, enhanced collaboration, and many other benefits,” he concludes.

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