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May 21, 2013

Motorola Introduces "Safer Cities" Solutions at Critical Communications World 2013

Critical Communications World 2013, PARIS - May 21-24, 2013 – Today’s public safety professionals need communication solutions that help translate information from multiple sources into intelligence to help make them safer, more situationally aware and more effective. Cost pressure on mission-critical organisations also means that technology investments in public safety today must be future-proof, easy to deploy and intuitive to use in order to provide reliable connectivity with information sources and simplify management.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, will be at Critical Communications World in Paris (stand A201) where the company is introducing the next generation of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) base stations, which combines TETRA and LTE alongside a variety of innovative communications solutions that will help create safer cities, enabling communities worldwide to thrive.

Motorola Solutions´ new operating environment ensures that public safety professionals can securely and seamlessly transition between TETRA radio and broadband networks, whether private or public. It unifies the data sources and services that enable next generation mobile applications and it is built on a future-proof, open architecture that is simple to manage.

Motorola´s new MTS4L base station is its first combined TETRA/TEDS and LTE base station. This innovative solution is designed to facilitate a cost-effective and staged migration to a unified TETRA and LTE network. It equips network operators for future needs and gives them the flexibility to choose when and where to add LTE to their core networks, and on which frequency.

Finally, smart phones are becoming a ubiquitous tool in many organizations, both public and private. Motorola’s Assured Mobile Environment (AME) solution provides an end-to-end high assurance ecosystem for secure voice, video and data communication on Android devices that operate over private or public 3G / LTE and WiFi networks.

Solution Highlights at Critical Communications World

  • MTS4L TETRA/LTE Base Station

Built and designed for future communications needs, the MTS4L is based on the MTS4 base station, which supports TEDS the platform for secure mission-critical high-speed data services.

The MTS4L can be installed as a TETRA-only base station and also can include the services for Evolved Node B (eNode B), such as shared backhaul, common power supply and battery backup. This feature allows operators to choose which regions will have LTE service initially and then progressively roll out the service to a wider area.

  • First Image Management System for TETRA Digital Radios to Enhance Day-to-Day Policing

The world´s first mission-critical imaging solution for frontline officers will be showcased at CCW 2013 following its recent launch. The MTP6750 Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) handheld radio features an integrated five megapixel camera and the Photograph and Intelligence Communications System (PICS) image management solution. Using PICS, images captured on the MTP6750 can be managed, authenticated and shared within a public safety organisation´s existing workflows, enabling verification of captured images at any point and reducing the chance of evidence being deemed unusable in a prosecution.

Built on the MTP6000 Radio Series platform, the new TETRA handheld enables a wide range of data connectivity options, including integrated Bluetooth®, Multi-Slot Packet Data and support for TETRA Enhanced Data Services (TEDS) allowing frontline personnel to share text messages and images reliably, securely and quickly.

The MTP6750 has been procured by the Danish Health, to be used by paramedics and doctors Authority in the Zealand region who attend an emergency or crime scene to secure evidence.

  • The Connected Police Vehicle

Following five years of field research, simulations and usability studies, the Connected Police Vehicle (CPV) has been created to demonstrate integrated technologies that support safer and more efficient frontline policing.

With the CPV, users can seamlessly integrate multiple technologies into a vehicle LAN and CAN-bus. A vehicle hotspot ensures that work can be done in and away from the vehicle using a tablet or smartphone device. To support officers in high-stress situations, the vehicle’s computing and communication platform is integrated with the CAN-bus, enabling key functions of the integrated TETRA radio as well as other features, such as lights and sirens, to be accessed with only a single button press.

The CPV is therefore a virtual partner for officers that scans their environment with multiple Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and video surveillance cameras. With integrated, intuitive data applications on its workstation supported by mission-critical broadband connectivity, the CPV delivers the right information to officers at the right time.

  • Service from the Start for Small TETRA Systems

System downtime is not an option in a mission-critical environment. In the event of an outage, network operators and users need a contingency plans to ensure challenges are met and overcome. Service from the Start (SfS) for Motorola´s TETRA Dimetra IP Small Systems provides 24x7 mission-critical support for customers and is available in two different bundles: Essential and Advanced. The ‘Essential’ bundle helps increase system uptime with expert remote technical support. In addition to around-the-clock remote technical support, the ‘Advanced’ bundle provides advance exchange, which means that replacement hardware is dispatched in the next business day.

  • AME 2000 Secure Mobile Communications Solution

AME 2000 is a powerful new tool for government agencies that need secure voice and data communications on a wireless network., The solution is based on Motorola’s Assured Mobile Environment (AME) solution, which combines commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) devices with hardware and software to provide end-to-end encrypted voice and data communications through private or public wireless networks to support government agencies, whilst retaining a user-friendly experience.

Meet the experts

Motorola Solutions and third-party experts will share their insights into market and user needs through a series of speaking events:

  • In his keynote address to the congress, Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Organization, Motorola Solutions, will talk about how to get more from TETRA in the future and ensure investments today are future-safe.
  • Motorola Solutions customers, such as Todd Early, deputy assistant director, Public Safety Communications Bureau, Texas Department of Public Safety, will give insights and share learnings about the deployment of a LTE public safety mobile broadband system and what Europe could learn from the US-Texas experience.
  • At a panel session Paul Steinberg, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions, will look discuss with industry experts if a single global standard for mission-critical mobile broadband is possible.

For further information about the speaker programme, please visit:

Supporting Quote

Tom Quirke, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Organization, Motorola Solutions

“Public safety is becoming more crucial to the continued well-being of communities around the world. At Critical Communications World, Motorola Solutions will demonstrate technologies designed to bring more intelligence into the communications solutions on which public safety services rely. With intelligent networks and devices, public safety organizations can concentrate on creating safer cities and thriving communities.”


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