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April 3, 2012

Motorola delivers an innovation first for Public Safety Users in Taiwan with introduction of its Traditional Chinese Character Project 25 (P25) radio - Launches industry’s smallest P25 radio

Taipei – April 3, 2012 – Motorola Solutions, Inc., (NYSE: MSI) today announced the introduction of the world’s smallest and first Traditional Character Project 25 (P25) radio APX2000 for Taiwan’s public safety and government users – police, marine, fire, and first responders . The digital radio which comes with traditional Chinese character display and keypad, offers best-in-class features, functionality, design and durability. It is also compatible with analog radio systems to allow for better interoperability between the two generations of radio technology.

The APX2000 reflects Motorola Solutions’ design philosophy of immersion into customers’ and users’ everyday work environment to understand their unique needs. The dual microphone design of APX2000 is an example of one such design innovation aimed to optimize user experience. It delivers outstanding voice quality, and allows background noise suppression to ensure users in the field can communicate clearly even in extremely noisy environments; an essential quality that could decide the outcome of a life-saving mission.

The global digital standard such as the APCO P25 are developed in close consultation and collaboration between the technology providers, public safety users and steered by industry bodies and regulators. The resulting advantages include: A single seamless and secure communication system that is not only perfect for emergency service interoperability needs but is also cost efficient due to multivendor sourcing, delivers better user experience, is spectrally more efficient, more secure, and technologically aligned to the future evolution to an integrated, voice and data rich mission-critical communication solutions.

The APX2000 is compatible with analog systems, and this ensures technology continuity and easy migration to P25 digital standards, as well as safeguarding technology investments in the long run. P25 is the leading standards-based, mission-critical system used by over 11,000 agencies around the world.

Facts about APX2000

• The APX 2000 is the smallest with uncompromised functionality P25 phase 2 TDMA[1] capable portable radio in the industry.
• The profile of the radio, be it audio levels, lighting and tones can be adjusted through user-selected or automated options. Whether on surveillance or working in bright sunlight, you can customize settings as needed.
• It comes with extreme audio profile – with intelligent 2-microphone noise reduction software and the latest AMBE[2] vocoder which dynamically adjusts for changing high noise environments.
• P25 TDMA capability provides for twice the voice capacity, so you can add more users to your system without the need for additional frequencies or infrastructure.
• Offers a freeform or canned messaging solution so you can efficiently and discreetly send and receive messages to and from subscribers or dispatch operators
• APX2000 is equipped with an integrated GPS receiver which helps transmit the outdoor location of an individual or vehicle to map-based location software.
• The radio has a unique Bluetooth® solution that provides an encrypted link to high performance accessories and applications to support different mission critical environments.
• To ensure user’s safety, the radio is equipped with man-down feature. The radio is also FIPS certified to ensure secure communications in a tamperproof solution.
• The radio offers audible, pre-recorded voice files for voice based indication of the selected channel or zone.
• The APX2000 radio is built to run Motorola’s POP25 solution which helps portable and mobile radios to be programmed over the air via the ASTRO 25 systems while remaining in the field.
• The radio complies with IP67 and MIL-STD, to withstand dust, heat, drops and water immersion, with a tempered glass display that resists scratches, abrasions and chemical solvents.

Supporting Quotes:
Dr. Vincent Chen, Country Manager and Director, Government & Public Safety, Motorola Solutions Taiwan.

“Motorola Solutions has been a leading industry player in the public safety market in Taiwan for a long time. Our commitment to our is exemplified in this version of new APX2000 radio designed with language localization suited to the public safety users in Taiwan such as the police, marine and the fire services.

The challenging economic environment, where IT spend is the focus for governments and military alike, the APX2000 represents the perfect choice for public safety and government users for crisis emergency & disaster relief as it accommodates a phased approach to the next generation technology adoption, at the same time, safeguarding the investments made in the past by providing a bridge between the analog and digital standards”, said Vincent.

“The move towards the migration of analog system to digital technologies will help the country benefit from spectrally efficient technologies, and equip public safety agencies and government agencies with secure, interoperable and state of the art digital networks for improved inter and intra agency collaboration for better results. P25 represents that viable and effective long-term alternative, even while delivering benefits of greater cost efficiency and wider choice”, he added.

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