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November 13, 2018

Mayor Joe Hogsett celebrates more than $35 million in public safety infrastructure investments

New Computer-Aided Dispatch, radios, network upgrade support first responders,
increase safety for Indianapolis community
INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Mayor Joe Hogsett joined public safety chiefs from Indianapolis police, fire, and emergency medical agencies to celebrate more than $35 million in investments in public safety technology infrastructure. The investments fund a new Computer-Aided Dispatch, radios, and radio network managed by the Public Safety Communications Division of the Office of Public Health and Safety, supporting public safety professionals in providing better service to the Indianapolis community.
“With these new tools, residents can expect to see marked improvements to emergency services. IMPD officers will be able to spend more time in their beats and less time managing reporting systems, and firefighters and emergency medical professionals will be even more responsive to the community,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “When mere seconds can make all the difference, the rapid delivery of critical information means our first responders are better prepared to run toward danger – and our residents will be better served as a result.”
The new Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne CAD, replaces an antiquated decades-old system and adds capabilities for logging and dispatching 911 calls to first responders. As the first line of contact during an emergency, dispatchers can use the system to quickly share location information, alerts, historical data, and other details to provide first responders with critical situational awareness before they arrive on scene.
The PremierOne mobile technology gives first responders access to prioritized mission-critical information while in route to an incident. Police, fire, and emergency medical professionals can monitor incidents, see the status and location of other units, query multiple data sources, view video and photos, and create reports – all from one interface, accessible via the cloud in their emergency vehicles. The system further allows for intelligence to travel between analysts at the Real-Time Data Center and public safety professionals in the field, allowing for intelligence-led response to crime and other issues in the community. The investment in the new CAD system totals nearly $6 million.
An additional nearly $30 million is being invested to upgrade the radios and radio network used by public safety and public service professionals to share information. The new Motorola Solutions APX two-way portable and mobile radios will be used on an ASTRO 25 land-mobile radio network, and will be interoperable with other agencies and organizations using Project 25 (P25) radio networks.
Built specifically for the needs of first responders, the radio and network technology is designed to interface with the new CAD system and deliver enhanced capabilities for police, fire, and emergency medical personnel as they respond to community needs. The radio and network upgrade was approved in August with overwhelming bipartisan support from the City-County Council.
These investments in technology infrastructure mean new tools and capabilities for public safety agencies, resulting in better access to intelligence, enhanced connectivity for first responders, and increased responsiveness to the Indianapolis community.
“The implementation of this new technology advances the intelligence-led policing capabilities of the IMPD. Now, not only will it be possible for analysts to use the data we collect to inform targeted enforcement efforts, but our beat officers can instantly communicate intelligence they gather on the street back to our real-time-data center. Through the rapid flow of this intelligence, we can better identify those who seek to perpetrate violence in our neighborhoods – and hold them accountable.”
                – Chief Bryan Roach, IMPD
“When a fire threatens homes, businesses, and lives in our community – seconds matter. The ability to identify and dispatch the closest resources in the area can make all the difference. Reliable communication between our firefighters, dispatchers, and other first responders is critical to their safety and the safety of our residents.”
                – Chief Ernest Malone, IFD
“The process of replacing the CAD has been years in the making. I’m grateful for the cooperation between the Sheriff’s Office, Public Safety Communications, IMPD and our other partners in public safety. I want to commend our executive staff at the MCSO 911 Center for their role in the implementation and training, as well as our dedicated MCSO dispatchers, who have completed this transition with ease.”
– Sheriff John Layton, MCSO
“The new dispatch system will greatly impact our response times and make Indianapolis EMS even more efficient for the residents and visitors or Marion County. Our EMTs and paramedics will now be able to respond in a more effective and timely manner which will only serve to further improve the public safety infrastructure of our area.”
– Mike Hayward, Indianapolis EMS Chief of Operations
"Indianapolis is using state-of-the-art public safety communication technologies to help keep the city’s residents and visitors’ safe. This includes Motorola Solutions’ end-to-end suite of software that connects intelligence from PremierOne CAD in the dispatch center and PremierOne Mobile for officers in the field, to the CommandCentral software used in their Real-Time Data Center. First responders are equipped with critical data and intelligence that enables them to focus their time and effort on protecting the communities they serve.”
– Chris Lonnett, Vice President of Sales, Motorola Solutions
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