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June 26, 2014

Exploring the New Territories of All-Digital Communications

June 26, 2014, Beijing – Motorola Solutions (NYSC: MSI), a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, today announced its latest MOTOTRBOTM XiR C1200/C2660 Series digital radios for commercial use. The release marks a new era of all digital two-way portable radios by Motorola Solutions. The all-new C-Series products are the most recent innovations from MOTOTRBO, optimized to meet the growing communication demand of commercial users. While continuing to provide a perfect user experience for customers in areas including equipment manufacturing, retail, hotel service, and major event organization, the C-Series radios also further explore new frontiers for Motorola Solutions down the road of digitalization.

With changes in industry, the requirements of commercial users for two-way radios are continuously diversifying. This is especially true when considering the exceptional audio clarity made possible by digital technologies as well as the benefits to their users. But users often have to make a compromise between price and performance. The all-new XiR C1200/C2660 Series digital radios adequately solve this dilemma for users and they are digital upgrades based on Motorola Solutions’ classic CP Series. When it comes to upgrading to a digital system, these new products enable wider radio coverage and clearer voice communications for users via its digital-analog compatibility, thus increasing productivity and reducing OPEX. Specifically, the new radios have the following features:

  • Clearer audio, better performance. Easy operation and clear audio have been the most prominent requirements for commercial two-way radios during actual use. XiR C1200/C2660 can exactly meet these requirements. Its world-class digital voice processing technology ensures clearer and more reliable communication, providing technical guarantees for the exceptional audio clarity. The pre-programmed text messages permit fast and flexible communication, reaching out to your radio users in a high noise environment.
  • Increased efficiency without increased costs. Powered by the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital technology, XiR C1200/C2660 Series radios double the number of channels without the cost of a repeater and its associated infrastructure while also providing twice the calling capacity (as compared to analog radios) for the price of one frequency license. Meanwhile, both models incorporate a 2-pin accessory connector to allow for easy access to various audio accessories. Customers can continue to use the current accessories such as battery, antenna and charger already bought to protect their investment. The outstanding performance-price ratio of these products can suitably meet the needs of commercial users, especially SMBs, for keeping a balance between performance and price.
  • Customized for hotel rooms, assembly lines and event venues. As products designed for users in multiple sectors, from guest rooms to assembly lines to event venues, the XiR C1200/C2660 Series radios can effectively reduce background noise through digital voice processing technology and provide digital voice communication and data transmission within any environment in the entire coverage area. Easy to carry and operate, the C-Series radios enable supervisors to know the whereabouts of staff whenever they want to, enable housekeepers to quickly update supervisors from inside guest rooms or on the hotel floors, enable frontline workers to be dispatched and get support with better efficiency, and enable a team of organizers for a major event to have a general picture of the venue and respond to any emergency as soon as possible.

The XiR C1200/C2660 Series radios can offer between 16 and 160 channels. The XiR C2660 comes with a display screen and a full keypad and can set up to 160 call channels. It is mainly designed for users who need to know the radio status and have more call groups in a work environment. XiR C1200, which does not have a keypad, is designed for companies that have little demand or use for call and data functions. For example, it can be used for frontline workers to maintain voice communications with their supervisors to ensure adequate and obstacle-free collaboration; it can also be used to meet mobile communication needs of grassroots personnel such as for dispatch and calls.

Michael Jiang, chairman and president of Motorola Solutions China, says, "Since entering the Chinese market, Motorola Solutions has been dedicated to providing tailor-made two-way radio solutions to address the actual needs of our customers and help them achieve differentiated innovations. MOTOTRBO's digital voice communication systems have won the trust of millions of users with their excellent audio quality and outstanding performance. Motorola Solutions is committed to driving changes in digital audio communications for organizations. I believe the XiR C1200/C2660 Series radios with compatible digital and analog mode will speed up the process for China's two-way radio market to embrace digital technologies and help commercial users in various sectors realize more efficient management and operation. Going forward, Motorola Solutions will further enrich the product lines, to meet their customers’ communication needs at critical moments."

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