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March 24, 2014

Assured Mobile Environment Supports the Mission with Secure Communications

Shortly before World War II, Motorola engineer Donald Mitchell recognized the strategic value of mobile communications while observing a National Guard field training exercise. He watched as the guardsmen left behind radio equipment because it was wired into their vehicles. Mitchell went back to his laboratory and started to develop what became the “Handie Talkie,” the first portable radio.

Fast forward nearly 75 years and mobile communications remains an integral element of military and government operations. Only today a handset needs to have powerful computing capabilities and protection from snoopers and hackers.

Once again, Motorola Solutions has developed a powerful weapon for field communications: the Assured Mobile Environment (AME), a secure mobility technology that is featured in the AME 2000 Secure Smartphone. The AME 2000 combines a commercial-off-the shelf device, in this case an Android™ smartphone, with hardware and software solutions for end-to-end encrypted voice and data through private or public wireless networks to help support the missions of defense and civilian agencies.


  • The AME 2000 features AES 256/NSA Suite B encryption for voice services and messaging between AME-equipped devices, and a Suite B IPSec Virtual Private Network that provides secure data-in-transit between a mobile device and a customer enterprise through private and public broadband networks, including GSM, 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi.
  • Supports customer-installed applications, such as graphic information system mapping, video and remote medical monitoring, as well as a browser and applications for email, text messaging and contacts.
  • The AME 2000 implements government-sponsored security recommendations from Security Enhanced Android (SEAndroid) to provide enhanced security policy controls through assured pipelines so processes cannot be bypassed or hijacked by flawed or malicious applications.
  • The Motorola CRYPTR micro, a hardware security module in a microSD™ form factor that meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Suite B standards, provides the AME 2000 with tamper protection for keys, tokens and certificates, and performs high-assurance cryptographic operations.
  • Integrated mobile device management allows over-the-air installation and updating of applications as well as device integrity verification. For additional protection, encryption keys can be erased remotely on devices that are lost or compromised.

Learn more about the Assured Mobile Environment and the AME2000 in this video and be sure to follow the latest federal government communications news from Motorola Solutions on Twitter and Facebook

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