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Frequently bought together


TLK 110 Two-Way Radio

Interoperate with TLK 110 for a rugged, LTE solution in mixed fleets.


TLK 150 Mobile Radio

Connect vehicles to sites - integrate with a reliable, LTE mobile radio.


MOTOTRBO R7 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio

Access game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged, future-ready device.


Sleek. Smart. Safe.

Access a safety and management ecosystem with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, equipped with emergency features and interoperable with TLK, MOTOTRBO and WAVE PTX solutions. Reduce efforts with its Intuitive Voice Assistant, which carries out all key device functions. Communicate over your existing Wi-Fi networks using the TLK 25’s full-front PTT button. With a sleek form factor, TLK 25 Wi-Fi is a compact device containing a powerful technology ecosystem.

What's inside

Sleek, wearable form factor

Intuitive voice assistant

WAVE PTX management and interoperability

Dual LED status indicators

Dedicated emergency button

Lone worker and fall alert

IP67 rated

Bluetooth 5.0 LE

Let’s TLK

Intelligent connection in a discreet package

Seamlessly communicate using TLK 25 Wi-Fi’s full-front push-to-talk(PTT) button. Quickly understand device status by glancing at its dual LED indicators. IP67 rated, TLK 25 is sleek and rugged, and its 12-hour embedded battery guarantees full shift operations. TLK 25 Wi-Fi also eliminates external speakers and mics, so customers and other employees remain undisturbed. Its included earpiece enhances audio and operational experiences, featuring dedicated PTT, voice assistant and mute functions.

Enhanced comms with intuitive voice assistant

Reduce employee efforts in operating devices with the TLK 25’s embedded Intuitive Voice Assistant, which carries out all key device functions without delay. Employees no longer need to look at screens or fumble with their devices to use them. They can place calls, access settings and manage emergency features with the press of a button and use of their voice.

Designed for safety

With a compact form factor and dedicated emergency button, this device is shaped to streamline panic responses. Emergencies can be declared locally on the device or remotely on behalf of the user. Strengthen safety and peace of mind with lone worker and fall alerting*, built to automatically identify emergency incidents. If a user cannot communicate the situation or threat, personnel can activate the TLK 25’s ambient listening, and the device will transmit sounds from its environment.

Wi-Fi based and flexible

As a Wi-Fi only device, the TLK 25 doesn’t limit your range between sites or require additional infrastructure, and with a WAVE PTX backend, it will consume less of your Wi-Fi bandwidth. Connect your TLK 25 to existing personal or enterprise Wi-Fi networks with ease, and start accessing high-quality, reliable communication across your sites. Interoperate with existing LMR and LTE devices to create effective and reliable mixed fleets.

Packaged ecosystem

Strengthen communication and bridge device gaps with WAVE PTX and the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, which interoperates with smartphones, MOTOTRBO radios and existing TLK devices. Reduce time and effort in setting up, owning and improving your TLK 25; with the WAVE PTX Portal, you can configure, manage and update your TLK 25s remotely. Access TLK 25’s Get Started Page by scanning its QR code. Here, administrators and users can access key information and resources for device setup, usage and support.



Product information

TLK 25 Wi-Fi Data Sheet

TLK 25 Wi-Fi Data Sheet

Device specifications and compatible accessories

TLK 25 Wi-Fi Brochure

TLK 25 Wi-Fi Brochure

Device and solution overview

TLK 25 Wi-Fi: Teaser

Teaser video for TLK 25 Wi-Fi

Meet TLK 25 Wi-Fi

TLK 25 Wi-Fi Sizzle Video

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