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      • Drops, Shocks, Dust and Mud – Devices Are Built to Withstand it All

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:05 PM by Motorola Solutions
        • Utilities

        But when the unexpected happens, Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage ensures you are protected and helps extend the lifespan of your devices

        In mission-critical lines of business, the cost of device downtime can have dramatic implications: employee safety, decreased productivity and loss of revenue. Your devices must be rugged and reliable enough to get the job done every time, in any setting. Our customers work in environments that challenge them with extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals or drops on concrete surfaces. You need a service plan that will protect against normal wear and tear and accidental breakage to eliminate headaches, unexpected expenses and disruptions to operations. A service plan can also help to ensure your devices are repaired or replaced quickly and back in service to keep your operations running smoothly. Below we show some of the industries where you’ll find our products put to the test on a daily basis:

        OIL & GAS: The oil and gas industry operates in some of the most harsh and unforgiving environments. Working on an offshore oil rig, workers often deal with heavy machinery, rough seas and flammable materials. The activities performed at drilling and production sites can cause chemical splashes, flying debris and strong gusts of dust. Not to mention the extreme weather conditions that workers are susceptible to, from below-freezing temperatures to high winds and heavy snowfall.

        FIRE: It is no surprise that firefighters must endure incredibly dangerous and hazardous conditions.  Emergency calls can range from house fires and automobile accidents to carbon monoxide alarms and gas leaks. While performing their duties, workers are regularly exposed to fumes, high temperatures, toxic chemicals and risk of electric shock. Emergency response calls can come at any time and must be acted upon immediately – radios must be up for the challenge ahead each and every time.

        UTILITIES: Whether an electric, gas or water utility company, a worker’s devices must staSFS_Utilties.pngnd up to the day-to-day rigors of managing power plants, pipelines and ongoing service calls. The busiest times tend to be during extreme weather conditions to fix broken power lines or water mains. Workers brave both harsh winter and blistering heat to ensure electricity is flowing and communities have the power they need to prosper. As one of the most active workforces, their devices are used frequently and subject to constant jarring and vibration.

        Motorola radios are built to perform well in rugged environments and extreme situations. Nevertheless, we recognize that accidents happen. Those unexpected repairs can put a severe dent in your budget. One of the best solutions to protecting yourself against the cost of unexpected repairs and extending the life of your devices is a service plan that keeps you covered for longer. There’s no doubt, your radios represent a substantial investment. As with any critical investment, it makes sense to protect it and maximize its value.

        Motorola’s Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage is a unique offering that provides fast repair turnaround times and expert technical support; all backed by Motorola’s globally integrated services infrastructure, highly trained support technicians and certified repair facilities. You’ll get coverage beyond standard warranty, providing the protection you need to reduce your total cost of ownership and ensure devices are back in your hands quickly.

        Corina Swaney is the Service Offer Manager – Lifecycle Support Management for Motorola Solutions.

        Click here to learn more about Motorola’s Service from the Start. Read the Motorola's Service from the Start Brochure.

        View video about the key features and benefits of our Service from the Start offering for digital radios.

      • “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” - Poor Advice Can Cost Your Business

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:05 PM by Scott Model

        Communications systems are the cornerstone of today’s businesses and as the volume of applications and capabilities expands, the impact of system downtime grows exponentially. The old saying that time is money holds true. In the United States, the average business loses $7,900 per minute of downtime, which can result from any of the following:

        - Loss in employee productivity
        - Cost to remediate system issues
        - Financial impact of customer dissatisfaction
        - Contract penalties
        - Compliance violations
        - Missed deadlines that result in employee overtime

        While no two organizations are the same, there are underlying factors that can leave systems vulnerable:

        Self-Monitoring: In an effort to minimize costs, many organizations leverage in-house IT personnel to monitor their system. Organizations quickly realize that it is a time and resource intensive task which requires the proper set of tools, expertise and ongoing training. If the organization is not fully committed and staffed, system performance and availability can be compromised and resources will be inefficiently allocated to areas outside of the business’s core competencies.

        Break-Fix Maintenance: Organizations operating in break-fix mode tend to wait for major issues to occur before initiating repair. The thought is that this practice will save costs by avoiding regular monitoring expenses. These organizations inevitably face degradation in system performance as they must wait, sometimes days, for unforeseen issues to be resolved and are often subject to expensive repairs and remediation costs. Communications systems aren’t foolproof – it takes just a single instance for a small, undetected issue to cascade into a major one. Unfortunately, for a number of organizations, it’s not until a disaster occurs that they understand the true cost of downtime and realize that their treatment of proactive maintenance as an afterthought must be turned into a priority.

        Proactive Maintenance is a philosophical shift in how an organization handles its technology. Rather than following the break-fix methodology, proactive maintenance involves identifying and resolving issues before they negatively impact an organization.

        Network Monitoring is a reliable solution that serves as the eyes and ears of a business’s communications system, providing proactive 24x7x365 monitoring and features such as alerting, event handling and technical support.A properly monitored network is crucial to the performance of your business and in improving productivity and efficiency. With rapid response more critical than ever and system complexity on the rise, a reactive approach to network monitoring is no longer enough. By understanding the true cost that network downtime has on your business, you’ll know that the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is nothing but poor advice.

        Scott Model is the offer manager for Network Monitoring for MOTOTRBO at Motorola Solutions.
        Click here to learn more about Motorola’s Network Monitoring for MOTOTRBO.