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We’re More Than Just Radios

Created Oct 16 2015, 5:00 AM by Motorola Solutions

Building public safety technology and solutions from the ground up

Motorola has traditionally been perceived as just a “black-box” radio supplier, but that is no longer the case. After more than 85 years of working side-by-side with public safety agencies, we have learned the common challenges beyond communications that first responders face, and developed the solutions to help solve them.

Earlier this year, Motorola showcased these innovative services and solutions on a tour of Prince George’s County’s recently constructed, state-of-the-art public safety complex, as well as a homeland security and backup center in the Washington D.C. area. Our Site Development and Integration Services teams designed and constructed these innovative centers from the ground up. The public safety complex spans 40,000 sq ft, and includes 63 dispatch stations, and 21 days of generator power and equipment. The facilities bring operational efficiencies for 9-1-1 call-takers and dispatchers, as well as establish the county as one of the premier 9-1-1 communications agencies across the country.

The mission-critical needs of public safety place unique demands on communications networks. These demands must be considered in every phase of the design, build and integration of a network, and are demands that many commercial networks are not intended to meet. In order to withstand any emergency, from earthquakes and hurricanes to forest fires and floods, it’s critical for organizations to implement public safety grade networks.

The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council published recommended guidelines to ensure systems are public safety grade. Public safety grade refers to the expectation of emergency response providers to have equipment and systems that will remain operational during and immediately following a major natural or man-made disaster. This requires a solutions provider that fully understands all aspects of mission-critical systems – site grounding, site security, hardened shelters, backup power, antenna support structures – to provide uncompromising services for two-way voice and critical data applications, offering the performance, coverage, reliability and resilience demanded by public safety.

Motorola’s System Integration (SI) teams have deep expertise and experience in delivering turnkey, public safety grade networks worldwide. As a full service public safety solutions and integration company, we help address the unique challenges faced in the design, build and integration of a network, beginning with site selection and acquisition. Our Site Acquisition Specialists help assess radio system coverage, negotiate lease/purchase agreements to obtain permits, and secure regulatory approvals required to ensure full compliance.

To help avoid unexpected costs and mitigate risk, Motorola works with industry-leading partners for architectural and engineering design and development planning of your systems. Finally, our team of Construction Managers combined with long-standing contractor partners work together to deploy every aspect of your public safety grade communications systems. This includes:

  • Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Full 3-D CAD design and video walkthroughs
  • Civil and site development installations
  • Electrical and grounding installations
  • Mechanical installations
  • Existing site renovation and upgrades
  • Tower installation and maintenance services
  • Testing and inspection services

Today’s mission-critical systems integrate multiple products, including LMR voice communication, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), video, records management systems, paging and much more. With our complete Site Development and System Integration capabilities we have a full understanding of the technology requirements and combine them with customer expectations for full turnkey solutions from the ground up.

Rely on the leader in mission-critical systems as your prime contractor and integrator of complex communications systems. With over 85 years of undertaking a variety of unique challenges, Motorola’s integration methodologies are field-proven to successfully deliver reliable system performance under the most extreme operating conditions. Systems integration from the ground up – it’s much more than radios.

Click here to learn more about Motorola’s Mission-Critical Site Development Services.

Bob Batis, PMP is the Director of Global Site Development Services for Motorola Solutions.