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Integrate your products with Motorola Solutions Integrate your products with Motorola Solutions Integrate your products with Motorola Solutions

Integrate your products with Motorola Solutions

Take your solutions to the next level with the Application Developer Program. Learn about supported platforms, how to apply for different technologies and how you can become a member.

Why Motorola Solutions?

Motorola Solutions is a global leader in business communications and analytics. Our technology platforms in communications, command center software, video security & analytics, bolstered by managed & support services, help businesses stay productive and efficient.

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Benefits of the program

Being part of Motorola Solutions’ Application Developer Program gets you access to the tools and equipment you need to create and test your solutions in order to ensure seamless implementation and increase your market-reach.

Application Developer Kit (ADK)

Our ADKs and documentation enable solution development for ASTRO® 25, DIMETRA™, Intelligent Middleware or MOTOTRBO™.

Modern Systems for Asset Distribution

Use our modern systems to access the assets and resources necessary for product development.

Development Tools

Utilize our library of docs, sample code, demo apps and custom tools along with industry open source tools (i.e. Android Studio) to help build your solutions.

Community & Motorola Solutions Support

Obtain quick support via your peers in the developer community. Alternatively, ask questions directly to trained Motorola ADP Engineers.


API Overviews

MOTOTRBO™ Services Overview

A high level overview of MOTOTRBO’s application services capabilities, architecture and topologies.



Accessory Connector Program

Learn how to procure GCAI mini cable components.


Developing with Android™

Learn how you can interface your solutions with Motorola Solutions devices powered by Android™.


Developing with ASTRO 25 Subscriber

Learn how to enroll and get access to ASTRO 25 Subscriber APIs.


Developing with TETRA

Find info on how to enroll and get access to TETRA APIs.


Developing with MOTOTRBO™

Find info on how to enroll and get access to MOTOTRBO™ APIs.


Case Studies

South Holland & Midlothian Study

Find out how fire departments upgraded their personnel accountability solution.


Getafe Council Case Study

Find out how Getafe Council deployed a MOTOTRBO IPSC system.


Poissy Municipal Police Case Study

Find out how DataHertz helped Poissy Police upgrade their MOTOTRBO system.


Publier Town Hall Case Study

Find out how Axians supplied a complete MOTOTRBO solution with enhanced tracking and alarm system.


Sun International Case Study

Find out how Sun International placed its bets on MOTOTRBO for its global gaming operations.


Stuttgart Airport Case Study

Find out how Stuttgart Airport upgraded its TETRA digital radio system.


Emergency Communication Case Study

Find out how Norway controls cost with a multi-agency TETRA network.


Dutch Ambulance Service Case Study

Learn how Dutch Ambulance Service deploys the latest in Motorola Solutions TETRA radios.


City of Cologne Case Study

Learn how the City of Cologne deployed a Motorola Solutions TETRA control room solution.



Rosen Hotels Elevates Experience

Check out how Motorola Solutions & DAPage deliver a combined solution in the hospitality industry.

Watch video

Smart Radios for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is rapidly adopting digital technologies to improve safety .

Watch video

Avigilon Unity Case Study

Avigilon Unity Video and Access solution to foster a safe learning environment

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Smart Radios for Transportation

Check out the MOTOTRBO™ Ion Use Case within the Transportation Industry.

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For additional inquiries about any of the programs above, please send us an email at



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