Everything you need to consider about body-worn cameras

Supervising prisoners and overseeing their safety and security is a huge challenge, and not knowing what they are going to be faced with each day is a daunting prospect for officers. With the right body-worn camera they can quickly take control of the situation.

Our latest guide helps highlight the essential features to consider when selecting a body-worn camera, because only fully-capable cameras are proven to defuse inmate aggression, helping to protect those on the front line. Features explored in the guide include those that deliver:

  • Complete transparency through its wide-angle 1080p HD lens capturing everything from the users viewpoint.
  • Intuiative recording that activates automatically through sensors and sends a live stream so backup is without delay.
  • Prolonged operation recording up to 12 hours on a single charge so officers are never without the protection of the camera.
  • A secure, encrypted audit trail of footage leaving no question over the validity of evidence.

The Complete Guide to Body-Worn Cameras for Prison and Custodial Officers
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