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    • Editor’s Highlights – Top 10 Think Public Safety Blogs from 2015 Editor: Paul Jeffs

      Published Dec 09 2016, 8:10 PM by Paul Jeffs

      As the year comes to a close, it’s certainly been a busy one for the Think Public Safety blog. Big thanks to the 23 authors that have contributed over 41 new blog posts this year. I hope you have found them interesting. We have a firm readership with 23 posts attracting over 1000 views, and over 48000 views in total of this year's posts so far.I’d like to take this opportunity to share 10 of the most popular blog posts we’ve had as well as some of the key videos and resources they feature... Now We're Talking Author: John HelliwellJohn's post attracted almost 3000 views. He explains why 2 way radios are so successful for Public Safety users, but users face a new challenge. Budgets are being tightening and systems being required to do more - more users, wider use cases. So, how can users extract more value for their investment? How can they extend the reach of their network, incorporate new users, and drive new benefit? The post features our Wave Work Group Communications White PaperSmart Design, Tough Testing Author: David ParryDavid Parry explains how our belief in designing for our end-users drives constant innovation and stretches back right to the early days when we produced the first police cruiser radios in the 1930s. He brings us up to date with this year's iF design awards for the LEX L10 Mission-Critical LTE Handheld and the SL300 (SL1600) MOTOTRBO™ radio. But there is more… as David then shares a CNBC video clip that features Carlos Camps 'I get paid to destroy technology'.Norway's Fire Service - getting the Mission-Critical communications they need Author: Hilde Holte Eriksen This is the most poular of 5 blog posts that have followed the roll-out this year of Nødnett - Norway's new digital TETRA network for emergency and rescue services, culminating in the completion of the network last week (Meeting halfway to the North Pole – Completion of Motorola Solutions’ largest project Author: Hilde Holte Eriksen) This blog post featured the completion of 2194 fire vehicle installations, enabling firefighters to co-operate across municipal borders as well as with other agencies - Police, Emergency Medical Services, Customs, Civil Defence, Red Cross and other rescue organisations.Smart Public Safety - Coming soon to key Police and Fire conferences Author: Richard Thompson Smart Public Safety is a key theme at many public-safety-focused events in 2015. Richard explains how this delivered and demonstrated at the UK Police Superintendents' Annual Conference and the UK Chief Fire Officers ICT Conference. It's about showing solutions that are all about putting actionable intelligence and information into the hands of users in the moments that matter.The MTP8000Ex Series – Just What The Customer Ordered! Author: Mark La Pensee Mark's passion is ensuring our end-users get the TETRA radio that they need. He explains how we are always listening to the voice of the customer and how this drove the development of our new ATEX radio. It became clear that users didn’t want just an ATEX radio; they wanted a complete ATEX communications solution.Future Innovations for Smart Public Safety - Live from CCW22015 Author: Julian FosterThis is the most popular of the 5 blog posts reporting on this year's Critical Communications World. Jules reports here on the roundtable featuring our Chief Innovation Officer Eduardo Conrado, sharing his thoughts on the future of smart public safety. He provides fascinating insight into our ethnographic design thinking.Introducing MyView Portal - Enabling Customers to View Real-Time Information 24x7x365 Author: Graeme Howard Graeme introduces this solution for providing our customers with a real-time centralised view into their ASTRO 25 or Dimetra TETRA system. Managed Services customer QGC is now live on MyView Port,al managing one of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects with more than 2000 devices. The post features a new video about the portal.New challenges for European mission-critical communications Author: Elvan LindbergElvan investigates findings from Frost & Sullivan's research into best practices, focusing on the challenges currently faced by mission-critical communications providers. The analysis identifies that Europe’s first responders and mission-critical communications users are keen to take advantage of mobile broadband in their daily operations. The post also features the Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership awarded by Frost and Sullivan.Are Radical Changes Required to Emergency Call Services? Author: Peter Goulding '112/999 technology needs to keep up with the smart phone generation' says Peter. He reports on the global challenge of moving emergency calls to the digital age with the help of a report from the IET which suggests the prioritisation of a new cross-platform, data-based emergency service with a standard interface for consumers.Why Purpose-Built LTE Is The Future Of Public Safety Communications Author: Tunde WilliamsTunde explains how the Smartphone Revolution has given access to more information than we’ve ever had before. But why is Public Safety technology slow to catch up? It's not - read the blog post to find out more.This year we've featured some great photography on the blog. Here's a couple of favourites:One from Nødnett, courtesy of Hilde Holte Eriksen:And the other is from Interschutz the international Fire event, courtesy of Jen Rolfe. Paul Jeffs is Public Safety Editorial Lead for Europe and Africa at Motorola Solutions.Paul is on LinkedInFollow @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter and look out for #ThinkPublicSafety

    • Meeting halfway to the North Pole – Completion of Motorola Solutions’ largest project Author: Hilde Holte Eriksen

      Published Dec 09 2016, 8:10 PM by Paul Jeffs

      Nødnett is the new digital TETRA network for emergency and rescue services in Norway. The official opening of nationwide Nødnett takes place in Kirkenes of Northern Norway today. His Majesty King Harald of Norway and Norwegian Justice Minister Anders Anundsen will both participate in the opening.

      Follow us on Twitter @MotSolsEMEA for live updates from the event.

      Our customer, the Norwegian Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK) is hosting the Nødnett opening event in Kirkenes today, on Tuesday 1st December.

      Motorola Solutions took over as the prime contractor of Nødnett to the Norwegian authorities in February 2012. Since then, our team of more than 500 people from 32 nations with partners and subcontractors, has designed, ordered, built, installed, integrated and tested every component of the Nødnett system.

      The core network consists of multiple switches (MSO) in secure locations based on a Dimetra IP platform. The core network is connected to a nationwide radio network of 2100 base stations with a resilient transmission system of 300 rings and 600 connections. The radio coverage includes over 300 tunnels and Air-Ground-Air coverage for rescue and police helicopters.

      More about the Nødnett project:

      More facts about the Nødnett system:

      • 310 road tunnel installations
      • 758 kilometres of tunnel coverage including the longest tunnel in the world: Lærdal at 24,509 meters and the world’s deepest subsea tunnel: Eiksund at 287 meters below sea level
      • 330 emergency call centres for police, fire and health
      • 27 police regions connected
      • 18 fire regions, 280 fire and rescue units, 620 fire stations connected
      • Health: ambulances and paramedic services, 19 regional medical emergency call centres with ambulance services, 200 emergency rooms and municipal call centres (deployment continues in 2016)
      • 1.5 million voice calls per month
      • 35,000 daily users across Norway
      • 47,000 users are connected in total including voluntary rescue organisations, customs and more. New users are added to the system on a weekly basis.
      • TETRA radio deliveries for fire users nationwide include 16,000 handheld radios and 2 500 vehicle installations in fire trucks, snow mobiles and boats
      • Further TETRA radio deliveries for selected police and health regions

      Nødnett is delivered on schedule and is now fully operational across Norway as one of the most advanced public safety communication systems in the world. It’s all about providing secure and reliable communication enabling the emergency services to do their job. Saving Lives.

      Read the press release here.

      More blog posts from Nødnett about the Nødnett radio network and covegage testing and about the nationwide Fire services in Norway

      Read more about Nødnett here and our customer The Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK) here.


      Hilde Holte Eriksen is Communications Manager for Nødnett and the Nordics region

      Hilde is on Linkedin

      Follow @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter and look out for #Nødnett and #Noednett too!