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    • Editor’s Highlights – Top 10 Think Public Safety Blogs from 2014 Editor: Paul Jeffs

      Published Dec 09 2016, 8:10 PM by Paul Jeffs

      As the year comes to a close, it’s certainly been a busy one for this blog. Big thanks to the 16 authors that have contributed over 53 new blog posts this year. I hope you have found them interesting – we have certainly established a firm readership with several posts attracting over 2000 readers, and one with 11000 plus!I’d like to take this opportunity to share the 10 most popular blog posts we’ve had, as well as some of the key videos and resources they feature.. BUILD OWN OPERATE - Reducing Risks and Controlling Costs in Norway Author: David Parry - David Parry’s post attracted over 11000 reads. It is about one of the most engaging stories of 2014 – the rollout of the Nødnett TETRA Network for public safety users in Norway. The challenges in the implementation included delivering cost effective nationwide coverage in a country with the second lowest population density in Europe and a geography that stretches to the northern most reaches of Europe, well into the Arctic Circle. The post features both a case study and a video about the challlenges and successes. PUBLIC SAFETY – IS THE MIGRATION TO DIGITAL RADIO FINISHED? Author: Richard Bennett - Richard’s article highlights the continuing opportunity for public safety users to migrate from old analogue radios to modern digital systems and the advantages these new systems. The post features the Latvian Miinistry of the Interior who Motorola Solutions are migrating to a single ASTRO system. They are looking forward to a migration where "Our frontline users will be able to benefit from a network of the highest standards of security, stability and quality.” The Future is Here! Author: David Parry - One of the highlights of the year was the opening of the Mission Critical Solutions Centre in the UK, giving European customers the opportunity to get hands-on with live next generation solutions combining technologies such as LTE and TETRA. David's round-up features the open day held at the Solutions Centre for international press and analysts as well as a video shot there showing a practical integration.Don’t miss PMRExpo 2014 Author: Peter Damerau - Peter Damerau’s post was all about the biggest European exhibition and conference Motorola has taken part in this year. The breadth of solutions on show at the exhibition was breathtaking with everything from a command and control centre down to individual radios and LTE devices and a Connected Car.Where is TEDS? Author: David Parry - The answer is in 'Notodden, in south eastern Norway.' Why? In this post David explains all in about the pilot being run with Nødnett in Norway - highlighting the real capability of TEDS in an operational environment. The pilot is testing live video streaming to and from control rooms and vehicles, as well as applications such as license plate checks, fingerprint scanning and remote access to data bases. And users are being pleasantly surprised by its performance. The post also features the video case study of the trial.Public Safety Enters The Collective Intelligence Era Author: Paul Steinberg - It's often said that what you don't know can't hurt you. But in public safety, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, perhaps the biggest challenge first responders face is being forced to deal with the unknown. Our CTO, Paul Steinberg explains how High-speed, Mission-critical Wireless Communications Help First responders Overcome Public Safety Enemy Number One: the Unknown. Paul also introduces a new white paper that explains all about Collective Intelligence.Improving Safety for Fire Fighters Author: Sean Fitzgerald - When fire-fighters enter a burning building, safety is the main thing on their minds. Sean explains how, to keep everyone safe, effective communication between crew members within the building, and back to the fire-ground commander is essential. Fire and rescue services have been using analogue radio for many years to provide this link, but extreme noise, low visibility and high temperatures all contribute to making staying in touch difficult and the older radios have reached their limits, especially when used whilst wearing Breathing Apparatus (BA), in high rise buildings and during tactical ventilation scenarios. Sean explains how GMFRS addresed these issues by deploying a new MOTOTRBO™ radio system with IMPRES™ accessories to help suppress ambient noise and improve voice intelligibility. The post features a video demo shot by GMFRS themselves.Critical Communications World 2014 – The Video Round-Up - Critical Communications World in Singapore attracted visitors from over 97 countries. For readers who weren't lucky enough to visit, Peta Spinks wrote a daily show blog. This video round-up was the last in the series of show blogs and provided a round up of the best videos from the show, including 'From Integrated Police Vehicle to Real-Time Crime Center', 'Step Inside Motorola's Connected Patrol Vehicle' and 'Terrorism Scenario: How the Real-Time Intelligence Center Reacts'.The Power of Power – Maintaining Critical Communications Author: Richard Martin - Mission Critical Communications system need power to function. But what happens with an extended period of loss of mains power? This happens with surprising regularity and can be triggered by natural events such as storms, ice, or earthquakes. Richard examines these threats, and more, such as the threat of cyber terrorism and proposes how a mission critical system can continue to operate over several days without mains power.Join us at BAPCO – The Multi-Agency Forum in Public Safety Communications - British APCO (BAPCO) 2014 is Europe's leading, free-to-attend multi-agency forum in public safety communications. It focuses exclusively on technologies and services for the public safety sector and is the must-attend event of the public safety communications professional's calendar. We contributed to the professional development workshops as well as exhibiting.So, that's the top ten. But what was my personal favourite from this year? Actually it was a blog post by Peter Goulding that didn't quite make the top ten but struck a real note across the social networks. In Mission Critical Social Media Author: Peter Goulding, Peter reports on recent articles in the press about Police use of Facebook and Twitter. Peter's view is that the use of social media needs to be encouraged within the emergency services and it has a strong role to play if it can be successfully transformed into what he calls ‘Mission Critical Social Media’. This is any text, tweet, photograph, image, video or audio file that needs to be sent to or from an officer in the field, which can add real immediate value to the officer or the community affected by an incident. Read Peter's post to find out more... 014/08/22/mission-critical-social-media-author-peter-goulding Follow @MotSolsEMEA on Twitter.Paul Jeffs is Public Safety Editorial Lead for Europe and Africa at Motorola Solutions Paul is on LinkedInJoin the Motorola Solutions Community EMEA at

    • Motorola LEX755 Mission Critical Handheld wins Reader’s Choice Award from the German publication Funkschau Author: Susanne Stier

      Published Dec 09 2016, 8:10 PM by Paul Jeffs

      Motorola Solutions’ LEX755 Mission Critical Handheld won this year´s Funkschau magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award in the professional radio category. The outstanding functionality of the Motorola LEX755 has been acknowledged by Funkschau readers, and – once again after 2013 – they have selected a Motorola Solutions two-way radio in first place of the Reader’s Choice Awards.

      The Funkschau readers award recognises the uniquenesss of the Motorola LEX755 LTE device, which provides mission critical users with a future-leading, unique set functionalities including exceptional broadband connectivity. Based on the Advanced Security Enhanced (SE) version of the Android operating system, the LEX755 offers a secure, robust and flexible platform for multimedia-rich solutions and can be equipped with applications like unified push-to-talk, real-time video intelligence, and electronic forms for query and incident monitoring. With a rugged form factor, powerful data applications and a quick-response user interface, it provides always-on mission-critical user experience to improve situational awareness for fire departments, police, emergency services and organisations supporting critical infrastructure. The Motorola LEX755 is ergonomically optimised for faster, tactile, one-handed operation via dedicated controls and designed to withstand dust, drops and rain. With unmatched connectivity through support for 4G LTE bands 3, 7 and 20, 3G UMTS/HSPA+ bands 1 and 8, quad band GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, mission-critical users stay connected when and where they need it most. The LEX755 is the first mission critical device that can use 4G LTE as well as 3G cellular networks. As it supports both public and private networks it is the ideal choice for trialling the use of data in Public Safety agencies or providing to key officers on the street.

      With 7,200 participating readers and 50,000 votes for 170 top products in 15 categories Funkschau’s “ICT Products of the Year 2014” voting is one of the leading and most renowned B2B awards for the ICT industry in Germany. Funkschau magazine is a major publication for ICT decision makers in companies and authorities including CTOs, CIOs and heads of telecommunications.


      The award was handed over to Christoph Thomas, managing director and Peter Damerau, sales director government and public safety Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH. "We are proud that our LTE-enabled wireless device LEX755 was voted first place in the professional radio category. The voting underlines our leading position in providing mission critical customers with future-ready solutions providing access to pioneering broadband applications”, said Christoph.

      The full report on the Funkschau Reader’s Choice Awards is available on the Funkschau website.


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      Susanne Stier is Senior Communications Manager at Motorola Solutions

      Susanne is on LinkedIn at

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