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      • Safer, Smarter, Faster Mission-Critical Operations using Bluetooth Author: Richard Bennett

        Published Dec 09 2016, 8:09 PM by Paul Jeffs

        MISSION CRITICAL. Fast, secure and always-on communications. These fundamental principles of mission-critical communications underpin the design of reliable two-way radios that provide a lifeline for frontline staff. With the increasing adoption of Bluetooth-enabled two-way radios, organisations need to invest in technologies that combine the usability benefits of wireless connectivity with uncompromising performance. Making the wrong choices can result in serious information security breaches and communication failures with potentially life-threatening consequences.

        Using Bluetooth accessories can offer some real benefits to field personnel. Take some examples:

        • Keeping Police officers safe during covert operations - Bluetooth-enabled communication devices can be concealed more effectively, keeping undercover officers in constant contact with backup.
        • Helping Paramedics and Emergency Medical Staff to deliver efficient patient care - Bluetooth connectivity allows paramedics to operate and communicate more efficiently whilst keeping their hands free.
        • Monitoring the health of firefighters - By coupling bio monitors with Bluetooth enabled two-way radios, incident commanders can monitor real-time vital signs to check the health status of their firefighters.

        Unfortunately it is not as simple as just connecting your Bluetooth accessories ‘out of the box’ as Bluetooth can be susceptible to a range of security vulnerabilities and reliability issues. The good news is that, based on research and our experience of working with public safety organisations, we’ve developed five practical countermeasures that you can use to create a mission-critical, secure Bluetooth environment. Better still –the latest MTP3000 Series and MTP6000 Series TETRA portable radios from Motorola are informed by these countermeasures – ensuring that organisations can benefit from a mission-critical Bluetooth environment that is secure, fast and reliable.

        Want to learn more? Check out the white paper ‘5 Steps to Creating a Secure Bluetooth Environment for your Two-Way Radios’.

        Take a closer look at the MTP6000 and MTP3000 TETRA Radios.

        Richard Bennett is Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing EMEA.

        Richard is on LinkedIn at

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