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      • Are You Making Your Job as a Firefighter as Safe as it Can Possibly Be? Author: Richard Russell

        Published Dec 09 2016, 8:09 PM by Paul Jeffs

        FIRE AND RESCUE - Burning buildings, collapsing masonry, smoke and noise. It’s not the easiest environment to work in. Firefighters are well aware of the dangers they face daily and rely on high quality radios like the Motorola MTP3000 series to stay in touch with colleagues and their command & control team.

        But are the radios themselves enough? Are you making the most of the accessories available to prepare yourself for the environments you work in? Are you being as efficient as you can be and staying as safe as possible in dangerous and unpredictable locations?

        Motorola has a comprehensive portfolio of accessories and choosing the right products can make a big difference in the heat of the moment. These accessories are designed with Motorola radios in mind, matched and tested to work as one for the most reliable performance in the toughest conditions. It’s all about working smarter, communicating clearly and having the power to safely see the job through.

        IMPRES Audio, a unique Motorola technology, makes a significant difference when working in high noise environments. This superior quality system is plug and go so you just turn on and start talking. Combined with the Automatic Gain Control feature on MTP3000 gives consistent audio even when you raise your voice or move away from the microphone. Constant volume adjustments are no longer necessary so you can spend every precious second firefighting.

        With a bone conduction design, the PMLN5729A IMPRES Ear Mic accessory picks up your voice from bone vibrations in the ear so communication is always clear, no matter how noisy the environment. It has a large PTT button with ring guard for easy operation while wearing gloves yet is still light enough for all day use.

        Using a Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) like the PMMN4072 makes two-way radios easier, safer and more effective. With the radio on your belt and the RSM clipped to your collar, you can make and receive calls hands free while climbing ladders and carrying equipment. Features like windporting for reducing the effects of howling weather, noise cancelling and 2W audio ensure you’ll hear and be heard clearly. There’s even a press and hold emergency button.

        Wireless accessories powered by Bluetooth® remove cables so you have the freedom to move around while still maintaining contact. Accessories can be combined to make a custom solution, such as using a wireless PTT clipped to a belt or lapel connected to a wireless earbud and microphone. This solution fits comfortably under a helmet and pairs instantly with your radio so you can get going faster.

        Your radio is only as reliable as the battery that powers it. Choose batteries and chargers that are proven tough with the components and circuitry required to keep you powered for the long haul. Motorola also offers chargers that allow you to remotely update your radio when connected to a network and vehicle chargers so you can charge as you drive. Finally, don’t forget chest packs, designed to free your hands and protect your radio from drops and falling debris. With your radio higher, you’ll also enjoy better reception.

        Learn more about Motorola two-way radio accessories.

        Richard Russell is is responsible for Business Development in Acceessories and Energy.