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Beyond the Connected Police Officer Author: Oliver Zuber

Created Feb 12 2016, 6:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

From reacting and responding to predicting and preventing, a transformation is happening in public safety. Handling the huge increase in available data with advanced analytics to predict where crimes may erupt, technology is taking police beyond basic crime mapping. By combining surveillance, local intelligence and real-time investigative tools, agencies are multiplying their capabilities and mitigating risks.

'The Connected Police Officer' is a great example of how this comes together for the officer on the street. This is always a popular subject for journalists and end users at events and exhibitions. But there's much more to it than just what the public sees.

TETRA-APPLICATIONS.com interviewed Tunde Williams about this at the recent PMRExpo. What did Tunde have to say?

'We're not going away from mission critical communications, mission critical communications will always be central to public safety. You can't get away from having a reliable communication link, whether that is between first responders and connecting the control room to the front line. That will always be there.'

So what's new? 'What we're seeing more is the need to optimise how resources are deployed and that really comes down to agencies trying to be more proactive in how they manage incidents. So, rather than focusing on responding to incidents what we are seeing this focus on mission critical intelligence which is enabling agencies to be more pro-active, to predict and potentially to prevent a crime from happening... '

I hope that gives you a taste of the interview. Get the whole story by watching the complete interview here.



I hope you enjoyed watching the interview. You can find out more about our Smart Public Safety Solutions here.


Oliver Zuber is Field Marketing Manager Central Europe (D/A/CH) & UN

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