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Entries » Blog » Redefining Team Communications for Public Safety Smartphone Devices Author: Tunde Williams

Redefining Team Communications for Public Safety Smartphone Devices Author: Tunde Williams

Created Oct 30 2015, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

High-speed data is driving communication and penetrating every part of our lives, bringing wave upon wave of data and new applications to Public Safety officers. It is these officers, in the front line, for whom you need to deliver not only solutions, but solutions that adapt to their needs. You need to provide solutions that support the tasks they need to perform in the environments they find themselves whilst ensuring that they are not overwhelmed. This way, safety is not compromised and maximum benefits can be realised.

At the core of delivering these benefits is a set of applications, user-experience and back-end services that will better connect users to the people they need in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions’ terms this the Public Safety Experience (PSX) Team Communications. An experience that enhances devices running Android OS, taking them beyond the consumer standard and making them more suitable for front-line Public Safety use.

Intuitive interactions are the overarching design principle for delivering the right experience for front line public safety operations. A key element of PSX Team Communications is a geo-spatial view that makes working as team much more efficient compared with traditional approaches. Let’s look at this using a typical law enforcement scenario:

After running a data query on his PSX device, a patrol officer receives information about a driver’s criminal history. A quick glance at his PSX map shows him that his nearest colleague is some distance so he requests backup before proceeding.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) sends the location of the incident down to responding officers' devices and highlights it on the map, eliminating the need to repeat instructions or information, or enter addresses manually.

By tapping on icons representing the backup units, the officer communicates instantly with colleagues and shares situational information. He snaps an image of the car and instantly shares it with his talkgroup. Enhanced situational awareness means officers are approaching the potentially dangerous traffic stop much more safely.


Reliable, real-time team communications is what front line Public Safety operations depend on. With PSX, officers can be safer, smarter and more efficient.

You can learn more about the background to PSX with our two White Papers:

PSXPoliceThumb.jpg PSXPubSafThumb.jpg

Tunde Williams is Head of Field and Solutions Marketing for Europe and Africa


Tunde is on LinkedIn at

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