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Entries » Blog » Do you believe in extended service plans? Author: Joycelyn Son

Do you believe in extended service plans? Author: Joycelyn Son

Created Feb 27 2015, 6:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

"I always buy high reliability products and rely on the standard manufacturer's warranty." Until recently I was one of the people who would often think that is the best approach. But you wouldn't buy a car without insuring against accidental damage and today's extended service plans for cars can cost less than regular servicing. I'm a convert.

It's a similar situation with today's digital radios. Many users of professional radios effectively 'self insure' by buying more handsets up-front or taking the hit if a radio fails, but it is a false economy, especially with today's cost-effective support plans. Today's digital radios offer greater functionality and advanced features but if they do go wrong they can require more complex repair and support. Maximising radio performance and availability requires expert support to ensure rapid response and resolution to any radio (or subscriber) issue. Device downtime is one of the top issues for communications especially when you need to stay connected during life-threatening mission-critical incidents. This is where Motorola Solutions Service from the Start for digital radios comes in. Spanning the entire lifecycle of radio devices – depending on your organisation's needs – we offer expert, high-quality, reliable support with rapid turnaround at an economical price.

When radios are broken and communications are down, users become inefficient and are faced with risks and unexpected repairs costs. With Service from the Start, you can take advantage by making sure your radio devices are up and running and minimise downtime.

Here are the key advantages:

Faster turnaround time for repairs: Radios covered under service agreements receive priority repair and, because we have the right tools and resources, required turnaround time is quicker.

State-of-the-art repairs: All repairs are done to original factory specifications by fully certified engineers using state of the art test & repair equipment and Motorola Solutions original parts.

Budget repair expenses: By investing in a cost-effective Service from the Start package, you can easily budget your hardware repair costs.

Motorola Solutions Service from the Start offerings ensures maximum performance throughout the lifecycle of your digital radios. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest tools and applications to deliver the highest level of technical service and expertise. Our factory-trained, certified repair technicians have years of experience working on Motorola Solutions digital two-way radios. With our comprehensive repair equipment and tools, we troubleshoot, analyse and pin-point problem areas down to the component level. State-of-the-art, industry-standard repair tools enable our technicians to expertly repair the problem. And proven, repeatable processes and methodologies ensure that your equipment is returned to you quickly and repaired right the first time.

With more than 80 years designing, manufacturing, and supporting mission critical communications systems, Motorola Solutions understands the vital importance of ensuring maximum radio availability. As a result, we have created a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings and choices that provide the exact level of support that fits your needs, including radio repair, accidental breakage and much more.

Watch the video about Service from the Start for MOTOTRBOTM and TETRA radios


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