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Entries » Blog » All About Apps at CCW2014 Author Peta Spinks

All About Apps at CCW2014 Author Peta Spinks

Created May 22 2014, 5:00 AM by Paul Jeffs

From our correspondent. On the last day at CCW 2014 it was all about Apps. The TCCA gave a showfloor presentation on the value of applications. In some scenarios data applications can replace many voice calls and drive efficiency. But for some organisations this can raise concerns over network overload and the risk of an application blocking mission critical voice communications. The presenter explained to the audience that managed effectively, this is not an issue and in fact the use of applications can free up capacity for critical voice traffic.

We were urged to ‘take steps to Applications’, start gradually using data apps today, and realise the flexibility to connect to office systems, multiple devices, TETRA radios, tablets …

We then took a tour of the show floor to look at applications in use. Applications to extend the use of a radio included car-to-car and control-room email systems, pager-based solutions, form completion and scanning solutions; and the Motorola Solutions MTP6750 with a built in Camera and PICS solution that provides secure, easy-to-manage photographic evidence.

On the Motorola stand, Ian Cushing of Motorola Solutions wholly-owned subsidiary Twisted Pair showed me the WAVE application that delivers interoperability for voice and data between TETRA radios, mobile devices and a desktop PC or control room application.

We also saw the Motorola Solutions LEX 755 LTE Mission Critical Handheld device. This uses open-source Android. And so, as its Motorola product manager explained, it allows users to create their own applications or take advantage of those created by Motorola.


So apps are on their way. Take steps towards incorporating them into your operations to help create the optimal solution to your operational challenges.

These aren’t the games your kids would download but they can be just as compelling!

Don’t forget to visit our Critical Communications World microsite where we will have fresh news, videos and more from the show.

Peta Spinks is Director of Events for Motorola Solutions,EMEA.

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