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Motorola played a major part in defining the public safety experience with Land Mobile Radio - all the way from ensuring seamless communications through to intuitive user interfaces for users on the frontline. Now we’re doing it again with smartphones. Our Intelligent Middleware is a powerful set of services that boosts your apps with new features whilst ensuring seamless communications between radios and smartphones. The power of public safety is now in the hands of all users.

  • ESN Managed Services

    The new ESN LTE Network for Great Britain will launch in 2017. We have the resources to help our customers manage this transition in a smooth and controlled way.

Optimaliseren Programmer en op Afstand

  • iTM Brochure

    Cost-effectively program an entire fleet of radios and achieve a return on investment in less than one year with a saving of up 70,000 minutes in staff time.


  • LEX L10 LTE Handheld

    The LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld addresses the unique requirements of public safety personnel by delivering the mission critical capabilities not available on consumer-grade smart-phones.

  • Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

    Unlike typical body-worn cameras, the Si500 combines voice communications, real-time video, still images, voice recording and emergency alerting in one. The Si500 reduces the number of devices an officer is required to wear.

WAVE Work Group Communications

Find out how Norway leverages their nationwide public safety network to expand connectivity between LTE and TETRA.

Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

Sight and Sound Simplified

"A picture says a thousand words - that's true in our industry. And with a body-worn camera, you can't do any better."