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Man Down Notifier (MDN)

Man down notifier app for lone worker safety

ZONITH Man Down Notifier is a cost effective, potentially lifesaving method of detecting is a worker has suffered a fall or has been in an accident. Intelligent use of the integrated accelerometer on the MOTOTRBO option board make this possible' and on the Green banner replace text for 'Man Down Notifier for extended Lone Worker Protection


Man Down Notifier (MDN) assures proactive surveillance of employee well-being and dispatches automatic emergency notifications to the appropriate response individuals or groups when an MDN alarm is triggered.

The application has a unique flexible design that ensures that employees are proactively monitored without affecting their job performance. When powering on an MDN-enabled radio, the application renews its “point of reference” – the vertical axis it considers 0°. MDN also alerts the worker that MDN has been triggered by a visual and audible pre-alarm. The worker then has a configurable lapse of time to dismiss the pre-alarm. These features significantly reduce the number of false alarms MDN detects. The parameter timers of the application are customisable for each individual worker. This enables administrators to change MDN settings to truly fit the needs of their radio users. Workers are also given additional flexibility of use with MDN’s sleep mode, as the application can be disabled for a certain period of time to accommodate for break and meetings.

• Intelligent man down detection algorithms to detect when a worker is in need of help.

• Man down alarm audio beacons to help locate workers.

• Man down pre-alarms to allow users to cancel false alarms.

• Sleep mode to temporarily disable man down detection.

• Configurable parameters for motion, tilt, pre-alarm and sleep mode timers.

• Configurable calibration angle.

• Set audio beacon to always play maximum volume.

• Automatic emergency notification to the appropriate group or individual when man down alarms are triggered.

• Different communication devices can simultaneously receive the man down alarm notifications when paired with ACS.

• Server-based software enhances the robustness of the solution and prevents false alarms.

• Complementary operation alongside RBX +Plus on the same MOTOTRBO expansion card.

• Fully compatible with Teldio’s application portfolio.

Radio Hardware / Releases compatibility
1 DM3600 or DM4800 series mobile radio per monitored/ alarm dispatched radio channel, 1 Motorola Expansion Card per subscriber, Motorola firmware version 1.09.00 or greater.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Dual-core 2GHZ CPU or higher, 4Gb of system RAM, Windows 7 Professional 32 or 64 bit or Windows 8 Professional 32 or 64 bit, 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Simplex, Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.

Other Requirements
PC Savvy; Knowledge of MOTOTRBO CPS configurations