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Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Locating people and assets With bluetooth

Without affecting radio network performance, ZONITH IPS delivers real-time indoor positioning for Mototrbo radios and any other permanently discoverable Bluetooth device to keep track of employees and assets in the interests of safety.


ZONITH IPS is an indoor positioning system for locating and tracking Bluetooth® devices such as TETRA radios, mobile phones, side connectors and tags. An efficient system that monitors workers for safety purposes and assets for improved efficiency.

Keeping track of personnel working alone and valuable equipment is essential for maintaining safety and performance. ZONITH IPS monitors the unique identity in each Bluetooth device as it moves from zone to zone, detecting movement using small, discretely designed ZONITH Bluetooth Positioning Beacons.

• Real Time Positioning. The Beacons are connected to a LAN which offers the fastest and most efficient communication of location data. Any Bluetooth device can be tracked independently and Beacons can be tuned to cover small or large zones. This is the only solution supporting real time indoor positioning without affecting radio network performance.

• Immediate Response. Each device is shown on a graphical display with the users name or role. It’s easy to zoom from wide area maps to in-building floor plans to find a specific Bluetooth device. If someone has activated a lone worker alarm or panic button, the GUI immediately highlights who is in danger and where they are located.

• Cost Effective. Using an existing LAN and standard Bluetooth devices requires no extra investment in unnecessary network infrastructure or expensive proprietary identity devices.

• Real Time Positioning using Beacons.

• Clear Graphical User Interface with personal tracking and zoom features.

• Scalable – add more Beacons for greater accuracy.

• Beacons are available in different antenna configurations and can be tuned to cover up to 100 metres.

• Provides a backbone for System Integrators to create intelligent location based services such as emergency response, panic alerting, guard touring and lone worker.

• Supports Personal Emergency Alarming - control room staff are instantly alerted through the graphical display or by text on TETRA radios or mobile phones when a worker activates a TETRA radio emergency alarm.

• Can be used to create ‘Safe Areas’ - if someone leaves a ’Safe Area’, IPS will automatically activate Lone Worker for safety purposes and deactivate the service when the person returns.

The ZONITH IPS is entirely IP-based and only requires LAN connection and an IP Router/Switch.

Radio Requirements of the ZONITH Indoor Positioning System – applicable for all Bluetooth enabled TETRA radios.