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Alarm Control System (ACS)

Automatic alarm dispatch for increased safety and efficiency

ZONITH ACS receives alarm information from almost any sources and intelligently delivers these alarms to the right person(s) at the right time with text message alerts to their TETRA handset(s) or other compatible handheld devices.


The ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS) is a Windows based software application that intelligently and automatically dispatches emergency and business critical alarms to MOTOTRBO radios.

ZONITH ACS picks up alarms from any alarm source. It pairs the alarm with the right on duty employee using an intelligent scheduler, ensuring that problems get handled at the right time by the right person. ACS automatically selects alarm responders based on availability, location and skill set. ACS is a fully automated system and is designed to significantly improve the way people work and manage their time. Alarms can be sent as text messages to people using MOTOTRBO, TEAM VoWLAN phones, pagers, mobile phones or email devices.

The ZONITH Alarm Control System user interface is browser based and uses as an intelligent scheduler to assign alarms to individual users based on competencies and provides automatic alarm escalation to ensure action is taken. The ZONITH Alarm Control System combined with MOTOTRBO radios allows people to remotely acknowledge, decline and close alarms using MOTOTRBO radio messaging and Job Ticketing features.

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• Active, Centralised and Automated 24/7.

• Handles any alarm from any source.

• Watch schedule integration.

• System Alive Checker - constantly pings the radio network and ACS to ensure 24x7 uptime. If either is down, an SMS will be sent via the GSM network to IT Personnel.

• Prioritises alarms for optimal use of resources.

• Receive emergency and business critical alarm text messages on MOTOTRBO radio.

• Acknowledge, decline, close and escalate alarms using your MOTOTRBO radio interface.

• Define and schedule the flow of alarms to ensure the right people are immediately notified.

• Create action filters to handover alarm messages to other media, e.g. GSM, E-mail.

• Automatically dispatch alarms based on peoples competency and location.

• Notify mobile phone and e-mail users when people press their MOTOTRBO radio.

• Provide Centralised Lone Worker functionality by raising alarms if people don’t respond to a message.

• In combination with ZONITH Indoor Positioning System (IPS) supports ‘Safe Area’ to automatically activate Centralised Lone Worker.

• Provides a web browser interface from any connect computer.

• Alarm Display Screen - touch screen that can be mounted anywhere in your facility to display and manage alarms.


Radio hardware / Releases Compatibility
1 MOTOTRBO base station, radio firmware version 1.6.0 or greater.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Dual-core 2GHZ CPU or higher, 4GB of system RAM, Windows Server or Windows 7.

Supports Alarm Interfaces: RS232, I/O, ASCII, SMPT, OPC, SMS, TETRA, DMR, Ekahau, DATABASE.
Ask for information about other interfaces.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Direct, Conventional Repeater, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus.