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SCADA Applications over MOTOTRBO

Secure, reliable end-to end SCADA and telemetry communication over MOTOTRBO radio systems.

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The Tallysman TW200 SCADA Device provides secure and reliable end-to-end SCADA and Telemetry communication over MOTOTRBO™ radio systems. The TW200 provides serial port (RS232) pass-through connectivity for Remote Terminal Equipment (RTU) and Supervisory Control and Supervision systems (SCS).

The TW200 support 300 byte data payloads. Transmissions are triggered in response to a SCS poll or an autonomous alarm event triggered by an RTU. The time to complete a typical system poll and receive a RTU response is less than three seconds.

The SCS Control Station radio is configured to “broadcast” messages in a point to multi-point configuration. RTUs receive all messages and respond only if the data payload addressing matches their own.

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Supported Languages

• Wireless Communication to RTU’s.

• Simple installation.

• Low cost wireless solution

• Polling or autonomous event reporting.

• Protocol independent.

• Secure Communication maintained by a watchdog timer.

• Transmissions triggered on ETX or character time-out.

• All MOTOTRBO network configurations supported.

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility

  • XPR 4000,5000,6000, 7000 series compatible.

IP Technology

  • Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus 2.3 or above.
  • Compatible with Connect Plus 1.4 or above.
  • RS232 connectivity to RTU's